Unique Spotlight

November 6, 2018

Unique Spotlight – Tarantino

Every dog has his day.

Owner: Wyando

How To Get: Not directly, as I have different goals for each set. I will use this Unique to support trading for my different set goals.

Meaning: This Unique is a homage to (one of) my favourite filmmakers.

Which number Unique is this for you? This is my third Unique.

Closing Thoughts: Some eavesdropping (only a few possible regarding their french 😉)
Mr. Blonde: Guess what, I think I’m parked in the red-zone!
Mr. Blue: I like her early stuff. You know, ‘Lucky Star’, ‘Borderline’ – but once she got into her ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ phase, I don’t know, I tuned out.
Mr. Brown: Hey, you guys are making me lose my… train of thought here. I was saying something, what was it?
Mr. White: What, did you forget your french fries, to go with the soda?
Mr. Pink: I mean everbody panics, everybody, things get tense, it’s human nature to panic, I don’t care what you name it you just can’t help it.
Mr. Orange: No it wasn’t Pam Grier. Pam Grier was the other one. Pam Grier did the film. Christie Love was like Pam Grier TV Show without Pam Grier.

After all, a bloody nice start to his career as filmmaker. Well done, Mr Tarantino!

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October 30, 2018

Unique Spotlight – Sheldon

Not all those who wander are lost. Eureka! Let’s go see what we can find.

Owner: Cali49

How To Get: Sheldon is free for the asking, to those who do not have one.

Meaning: Sheldon was created as an extension to the Gold Rush set from last year. That set highlighted Sheldon’s journey from New York to the gold fields of California in 1849. After surviving train bandits, buffalo stampedes, a scare from a huge grizzly bear and claim jumpers, he finally made his fortune, with the help of his new friend, Sierra the Grizzly Bear. He definitely deserved a Unique! The history of the California Gold Rush is a story that fascinates me, and Sheldon represents all those courageous gold-seekers who gave up everything to head to California to search for gold. Keep your eyes open, Sheldon’s story isn’t over.

Which number Unique is this for you? Sheldon was my first Unique.

Closing Thoughts: I love Uniques. They add such a personal touch to WallaBee, as most have a personal meaning and story behind them. Collecting them and creating them is my favorite aspect of the game.

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October 23, 2018

Unique Spotlight – Kilo

Kilo (from Greek χίλιοι), prefix denoting 1000 in the metric system… but whatevs, enough with the science. 1000 is a pretty darn cool number, okay?

Owner: Staffan

How To Get: It’s been retired, so eh, it’s a little tricky.

Meaning: Kilo is the second item in my mini-series of binary bees. This time I chose to focus on my main number, #1000. It was mainly used to trade for some of my last missing binary set items, of which none was actually a #1000. Very ironic.

Which number Unique is this for you? 2 out of 2 (so far at least)

Closing Thoughts: Ouch, that poor little bug. Will he survive the pressure? Only time will tell.

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October 18, 2018

Unique Spotlight – Dot.COM aka “Dottie”

My Red Heeler vanished from our fenced yard in 2011. See www.bringdottiehome.com for details.

Owner: fulfilled71

How To Get: Players can acquire it by providing three palindrome upgrades for non palindrome set cards. From time to time it will appear in the market when I need honeycombs.

Meaning: This Unique is in remembrance of a friend’s lost dog who never returned home – it’s like a wanted poster.

Which number Unique is this for you? This is my only Unique.

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October 13, 2018

Unique Spotlight – Miss P

You, my gorgeous girl, can be ANYTHING you want to be. Even if that’s a fairy ballerina 💕

Owner: mrsbatch

How To Get: Just ask (with manners!)

Meaning: It’s based on a video of my eldest daughter, who at the age of 2 wanted to be a fairy ballerina. I want my girls to know they can be anything they want too be when they grow up! There is no limits!!!

Which number Unique is this for you? This is my first Unique.

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October 2, 2018

Unique Spotlight – Wallatat

Word on the street is that you have to get a real WallaBee Tattoo if you want to earn this Unique. Don’t worry… it’ll only sting a bit!

Owner: JenBee997

How To Get: Wallatats are free for all! Just send JenBee997 an in-game message to request one! Despite the item description I promise it will be pain-free!

Meaning: Tattoos have continually been a big part of my life and my family’s life over the years. I’ve always been fascinated by the striking beauty of body art. So naturally I knew I wanted to create a tattoo Unique, although I wasn’t quite sure what kind of tattoo I wanted. But then Andrew Cameron came to the rescue! When I first saw this beautiful tattoo artwork he had created I was over the moon! What an amazing way to honor my two favorite things: WallaBee & Tats!

Which number Unique is this for you? This was my very first Unique and is so special to me. I have been an avid WallaBee player since 2015 and was super excited when Unique commissions were re-opened in 2016 which lead to the creation of the Wallatat. I have special plans for another Unique in 2018 so keep your eyes peeled!

Closing Thoughts: Players often ask me if I have a real WallaBee tattoo. I’ve gotten about 20 tattoos during my life so far and I love every single one of them! But my favorite is my foraging bee tattoo! Unfortunately when you tap it no honeycombs come out!

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September 25, 2018

Unique Spotlight – Dalí

Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.

Owner: Wyando

How To Get: As I have different goals for each set, I am sure we’ll find something. Just ask.

Meaning: This Unique is a homage to my favourite artist. Part based on “The persistence of Memory.” “The egg” is a Dalinian image that symbolizes hope and love. Part of the Sculpture “Finger of God”

Which number Unique is this for you? This is my second Unique.

Closing Thoughts: I discovered Dalí when I was a teenager (School trip to the Museum Ludwig). And it is one of the few memories that lasts: I was standing in front of a canvas (way too near), and looking all over it (it’s 295m x 406m!) seeing those different parts. Still I wondered about a red “bloody wound” in the middle, which made no sense at all. And while the class was already going to the next room, I just couldn’t leave, instead I was going steps back, until I got that painting in its whole view – with the effect of seeing why that “bloody wound” was there. And I was stunned about the effect of this painting, which is until today my favourite painting of all: La Gare de Perpignan (Perpignan Train Station).

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September 18, 2018

Unique Spotlight – Mommy and Me

No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.

Owner: Mickeynme and KristiLu

How To Get: The first batch of Mommy and Me Uniques were gifted to those players who had offered upgrades or collected numbers for very little. “Just send junk” are the most beautiful words in this game and I wanted to thank those players who had helped me in the game. The second wave (still in low TDs) is available for missing 1955s for Mickeynme or TD upgrades where I do not have the 1955 or a TD. The Mommy and Me Unique is also available for missing 1991s for Kristilu.

Meaning: This Unique is a celebration of the mother-daughter relationship of Mickeynme and Kristilu. It is taken from a photo of our matching Mickey tattoos that we had inked when Kristilu turned 21. The tattoos and this Unique celebrates our mother-daughter bond and our love of Disney. We have the kind of “favorite dinner date,” “first on speed dial” relationship that others envy. Kristilu came up with the quote “No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.” and it still makes me tear up when I read it.

Which number Unique is this for you? Mommy and Me is my first Unique, but hope to have another next year.

Closing Thoughts: In a mother-daughter relationship we learn about trust, about separation and connection, about putting another’s needs ahead of our own, and about who we are as individuals. If you raise your daughter with unconditional love, mutual respect, healthy boundaries, and realistic expectations, she will always find her way back to your arms and your heart.

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September 11, 2018

Unique Spotlight – WallaBeemer M3 CSL

This baby will get you to the next foraging spot in a jiffy! Don’t ask me for the keys though. 😜 (And don’t forage while driving!)

Owner: BeeMW

How To Get: Just ask and (optional) keep me in mind if there is a Unique to share in return.

Meaning: The E46 ///M3 CSL is on the top of my list of favorite cars. And commissioning a Unique was slightly more affordable than the real one.

Which number Unique is this for you? This is my one and only.

Closing Thoughts: Drive safe! Seat belts save lives…

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September 4, 2018

Unique Spotlight – Rainbow Bridge

If love alone could have kept you here, you would have lived forever. ~unknown

Owner: doggonefun

How To Get: TDs will be introduced into the Mixerpool shortly.

Meaning: This Unique is a tribute to my beloved border collie, Tivo.

Which number Unique is this for you? This is my 9th Unique.

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