3.1.1 Release Notes

Hello Collectors!

WallaBee’s next minor update is rolling out as we speak! Here are some quick notes to read through while you wait for the update to reach your app store of choice.

Profile Borders

Are you confused how to tell players and Staff apart? Maybe there’s too many BeeKeepers to memorize and a quick indicator would help differentiate them! We’ve added some new borders around profile pictures to help distinguish who you’re having a conversation with.

  • Staff: Blue
  • BeeKeepers: Gold
  • Memorial Accounts: Purple

Hide Closed Forums

If you only want to see forum posts that are currently open, you can toggle the view of closed posts. This can really help you focus on active conversations! This setting preference is saved locally on your device, requiring you to toggle it again if another device is used.

  • settings>profile settings>hide closed forums

Item Variants Indicator

Many more items in WallaBee are releasing with variants, so it would definitely be helpful to know which items have them! You can now find this information in your collection, once you’ve saved that type of item.


Removed Market Cap

Have some rare items that just aren’t trading for what you’d like in the forums, but don’t want to give it up for 50k honeycombs? Now you can sell it in the Market for whatever you would like. In fact, there’s a #1 from a Staff member right now!

Other Notable Changes

  • Adjusted layout to better accommodate certain devices.
  • Home screen now shows accurate information (notifications, honeycombs, etc.).
  • Fixed an issue with prestige item buttons locking up sometimes.
  • Various other bug fixes.
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