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December 12, 2018

Commission Information

Commissions Closed

Unique Commissions are currently closed. For informational purposes, we have left the normal information below. We will update this post when commissions reopen.

Unique Commission Requests

Andy is able to complete a varying amount of Unique commissions per month, depending on the tier of the Unique (explanation to follow). All Unique commissions will be handled one-at-a-time. Hangups in moving forward with your unique (i.e. lack of details, missing payment, etc.) may lead to other Uniques being worked on before yours.

  • Read and understand Andy’s Artwork Guidelines and Brief Questions.
  • Have all information for your Unique, including any and all details, ready to go.
  • Use the Commission Unique button below.

Communication, Payment, and Proofs

After the details of your Unique have been received, the Unique will be added to a running list. You will receive an email response from staff when we are ready to begin working on your Unique, or if any details need to be clarified/worked out before given to Andy. After all details are in order, the expected price tier of your Unique will be quoted and payment due-date will be given (Payment is due before Andy begins working on your Unique). Two proof revisions are allowed. In order to limit back-and-forth communication, and keep Andy’s workload manageable, please make sure that any and all details that need to be changed are mentioned after the first proof is received.

Receiving Your Unique!

After the Unique has been completed, you will have access to it through the website. After logging in, navigate to your profile. On your profile’s main page, there is an option to Gift Unique. Please note that the Unique will gift out in numerical order, beginning with #1. You will not be able to skip ahead numbers, so if you’re looking to gift a specific number to someone, all previous numbers must be gifted first.

Unique Payment Tiers

Due to the varying levels of complexity between Uniques, pricing will adhere to the following:

Additional Information

  • Animation is not available for new items.
  • If you are interested in making your Unique available through Uncanny Uniques/foraging, blocked from the market, mix with your other Uniques, etc. please have that information available in your request (There is no premium for these features).
  • We do charge extra for variants, which is on a case-by-case basis.
  • Tier 3 pricing is a base cost. Depending on how much detail is required, Andy may add premiums.
  • Uniques that are on accounts that are closed get returned to you, although there can sometimes be a delay in these being returned.
  • WallaBee characters are not allowed in Player Uniques. However, if your design involves the reference to a character, we can work with you through the details.

We look forward to allowing all players the ability to commission their own Unique in a timely manner. If you have previously emailed or messaged staff about Uniques, please take a moment to resubmit the information as outlined above, as all requests need to go through the Commission Unique button below. Have fun!

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November 7, 2017

Unique Commissions: Closed (NOW OPEN!)

Hello Collectors!

Unique items are something that makes WallaBee standout among the crowd. How many other games do you know of that allow its players the opportunity to have their ideas added to the game? That’s right, Player Uniques have a very special place in our hearts here at WallaBee HQ. We want to continue helping our players add a little bit of themselves into the game through this great program. To help keep everyone up to date, we have had an overwhelming number of commissions that have come in this year. In fact, there have been so many commissions that we are all booked up through the end of 2018. There’s a year’s worth of uniques waiting for Andy’s tired hands, and we are excited to get started on them.

Although we love having a year’s worth of work ahead of us, we don’t want to keep this going at the current rate. We aren’t ready to begin planning 2019’s Player Unique commissions at this time, so we’re going to temporarily close any new commission ideas you may have. We will keep the community updated through the blog and website when we open the queue back up to new commissions. For now, if you have a unique in the queue, we will still be working on it as planned. If you have not submitted your request for a new unique, please hold off until we are ready to accept more commissions.

The Player Unique aspect of WallaBee is very important to us, which is why we are making sure we don’t bite off more than we can chew. There may be a chance that we open the queue back up before the end of 2018, but we want to make sure that we can handle everything that we currently have first. We look forward to seeing all of the current great unique ideas come to fruition!

Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email:

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