The Recycling Center

Hello Collectors!

We’re adding a new mechanic into WallaBee’s backend that will help with performance while bigger things are worked on. We’re calling this mechanic “The Recycling Center,” because that’s pretty much what it is. Let’s get into the details.


You will now have a chance to send your recycled item to The Recycling Center, where it can be reused for other things in WallaBee. Don’t worry, you can still recycle items to faraway places, but now there’s a chance you’re not littering. 😉

Unique Items will not go to The Recycling Center unless placed there by Staff.


All items found in the game release in numerical order, with the exception of things found from the Mixerpool, where you can find previously created items. The Recycling Center is very similar to the Mixerpool, giving items that were previously created, but without the need for Mixers. How do you access The Recycling Center (TRC)? We’re glad you asked.

Let’s say there are 10 older Bearded Lady items in TRC. When a player purchases a Bearded Lady or foraging one, instead of making the next-in-line number, the game will check to see if there is a Bearded Lady in TRC first. If there is, you’ll receive one from TRC instead of the newest number. The number of Bearded Lady items in TRC is now at 9. Once all 9 of those items have been removed from TRC, next-in-line numbers will begin issuing again.

Item Drops will still occur like normal.


Since recycling items has a chance to add an item into TRC, how are other ways items will appear there? We’re glad you asked!

Items will also be manually added to TRC by Staff, similar to the Mixerpool, from items in Limbo. This means that there are chances to find some very low numbered items from all points in WallaBee’s history from TRC!

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