Unique Spotlight – Kilo

Kilo (from Greek χίλιοι), prefix denoting 1000 in the metric system… but whatevs, enough with the science. 1000 is a pretty darn cool number, okay?

Owner: Staffan

How To Get: It’s been retired, so eh, it’s a little tricky.

Meaning: Kilo is the second item in my mini-series of binary bees. This time I chose to focus on my main number, #1000. It was mainly used to trade for some of my last missing binary set items, of which none was actually a #1000. Very ironic.

Which number Unique is this for you? 2 out of 2 (so far at least)

Closing Thoughts: Ouch, that poor little bug. Will he survive the pressure? Only time will tell.

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