October Gameplay Updates

Hello Collectors,

Let’s begin by addressing the elephant in the room: The Weekly Buzz. We have decided to put a brief pause on this series until we have more exciting things to share with the community on a weekly basis. Instead, you can look forward to more ‘announcement’ type posts when gameplay changes happen. Unique Spotlight posts will continue as normal until there are no more stories to share, at which point we will transition into a new series to showcase artwork and behind-the-scenes happenings… which leads us to the topic of today’s announcement.

Shiny Mixers were first introduced into WallaBee on April 21st, 2016, as a fundraiser-type item to help raise money for new developers. Well, it was a success, and we finished building V2 of WallaBee. Shiny Mixers were removed and added back into the store many times, for special events, allowing players to stock up within a controlled timeframe. Since then, Golden Mixers were given a recipe for creating outside of these special time periods, by mixing certain golden items together. This has been one of many fun ways for collectors to pass the time between drops (and earn some extra ‘comb)! Unfortunately, the trends in Golden Mixers Market prices have done more harm to the game’s economy than good. With that being said, we believe that making an adjustment to the recipe is necessary to reinstate the rareness and power that Golden Mixers have. We will be removing the recipes for Midas Touch items to create Golden Mixers on November 1st, 2pm UTC. For the time being, Shiny Mixers will only be available as possible rewards from fully charged Wishing Wells.

Various Sets have been updated to have more consistent cost to complete, based on the size of the set. We have begun this process with sets originally released more than 3 years ago, and plan to begin spreading it to newer sets soon. Why make this change? Sets used to have a very wide (and random) cost to complete… with some sets costing over 50k to complete. This makes it difficult to plan ahead and ensure you’ve gathered enough honeycombs to last the whole set. Since the number of items needed to complete a set varies from two to fifty-one (Eau de WallaBee and One Set To Rule Them All), we’ve broken this new pricing into four simple categories.

  • 1 – 10 items in set: 5,000hc to complete with a reward of 250hc.
  • 11 – 20 items in set: 12,500hc to complete with a reward of 875hc.
  • 21 – 30 items in set: 17,500hc to complete with an reward of 1,400hc.
  • 30+ items in set: 25,000hc to complete with a reward of 2,500hc.

There are a few sets that will unfortunately break this model (Crazy Chicks’ Easter Hen), but we will do our best to keep it fair with a higher reward for those anomalies. Some items within a set are found through foraging, but will still be given a value toward completing the set… which means you may save some honeycombs on the cost of completing a set. We believe these changes will help all of our collectors keep buzzing towards completing sets.

Grab Bags had unintentionally seen a hiatus from being released, but are back with new Walllagraphics to collect. Previously released Grab Bags will see an adjustment in pricing very soon to reflect the update to set completion pricing. We hope that the updated costs will help collectors enjoy these special items even more. Adjustments to where these can be foraged will also take place soon.

Mega Mixes have been in the game for a long time, some having crazy recipes to create! However, Mega Mixes with multiple of the same type of item were adjusted with V2 to accommodate the backend changes. The recipe to create a Solved Puzzle Cube with 26 Unbranded Puzzle Cubes is one of the Mega Mixes that was previously adjusted, but no more! Due to a recent discovery by Dr Miu Chudoku, some older Mega Mix recipes have been added back into the game! Check out the new (old) recipes for Solved Puzzle Cube, Bottle Rocket, and 100c Coin. Now that items can be created using multiple of the same type, keep your eyes and pouches peeled…

Item Locks have been used to protect unsaved items for years… but this is one annoying currency that can’t be traded. Mystery Boxes and Christmas Mixers have helped players get locks without paying real money, but even these fall short due to their random nature. In the next few months, we aim on adding a way for locks to be easily transferred between players. Details on the specifics will be shared at a later date. For now, enjoy a small sale on Item Locks this weekend.

Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email: support@wallabeegame.com

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