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January 29, 2019

Unique Spotlight – A Little Gift

A special surprise just for you!

Owner: indigo

How To Get: This card is only available for a 1985 card or a 16 (Unique only).

Meaning: I wanted to say thank-you to everyone who had helped me to get my favourite number. I know it’s really hard especially when in the middle of a mixing frenzy and I appreciate all that think of me. A BIG thank-you to everyone who has got one of these Uniques!

Which number Unique is this for you? This is my third Unique.

Closing Thoughts: I love that this Unique animates! I would have loved to have also included colour variations – but perhaps that is something for a future Unique.

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January 26, 2019

Unique Spotlight – Friends of Catan

You wouldn’t steal my Sheep…Ore Wood you?

Doggonefun: Hey EmeraldAngel, I have another unique to design, would you like to share it with me?

EmeraldAngel: Doggonefun! I would be honored! Thank you! What did you have in mind for the design?

DGF: Let’s tell how we met!

EA: Over Catan! Over 10 years ago! This would be my first big Unique, but third counting the Mass Produced Uniques, like Potatoes and Walla-Boos. How many uniques do you have again?

DGF: Oh I lost count!! What is your favorite memory from Catan Online World?

EA: I loved meeting new friends from all over the globe! I was able to learn so much about other people and cultures. What about you?

DGF: Same as you. Friends around the world. So many variations of games to play. Oh and I got to play a couple times with Klaus Teuber! He was so nice!

EA: That’s great! I would like missing set TD’s for a sub-200 even number, or possibly a missing personal unique. What about you?

DGF: At this point, I’d ask players to send me a pm for the odd numbers.

EA: I wonder if there is anyone in Wallabee that played in C.O.W.

DGF: I don’t know, but it would be great to get in touch with them again! Oh how I miss C.O.W. Lucky us that we have such talent with Andy Cameron that we can have this special item.

EA: I totally agree! Andy is an amazing talent! Let’s go play Catan so I can steal “your” sheep port!

DGF: LOL! And that 2 looks like a perfect spot for your settlement!

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January 23, 2019

Unique Spotlight – The Hamburger

Hamburg as the second largest city in Germany has more to offer than the Reeperbahn. Maybe. Who knows 😉

Owner: winkide

How To Get: Trade for missing Uniques and other improvements. Let’s talk!

Meaning: My 4th German City Unique is a tribute to the new Hamburg, which has developed in recent years. More bridges than Venice, more culture than Milano and more girls than Rome & Naples, Hamburg is more Italian than Italy. I worked there for a few month and I love to look back to this time.

Which number Unique is this for you? This is my 4th Unique and there are plans to get some more.

Closing Thoughts: Thanks to WB and all players for this great community and the chances to interact. You are great!

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January 17, 2019

WallaPak 2019

Hello Collectors,

Some of you may have noticed that WallaPak is no longer available in the online store. This is because we have decided to discontinue the physical production of monthly stickers, as we’ve already used most of the Calendar Items for each month. We may add a Virtual WallaPak in the future for those who preferred the virtual products, but there is no final word about this decision as of right now. Physical stickers for your passports will still be made available at different times throughout the year, just not on a monthly basis. With WallaBee’s 7th birthday right around the corner, you never know what’s in store!

There are a few of you “lucky” players that were charged for January’s WallaPak before the final switch was thrown, shutting it down for the year. Congratulations! You now have some fairly rare stickers. Five sets of Tuli Pouch Creature stickers were sent, along with some randomized Great American Road Trip stickers.

Now that all of December’s stickers have been shipped, we will be updating the product for 2018 month stickers to include all available months for anyone who missed or wants extras, while supplies last.

Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email:

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January 15, 2019

Unique Spotlight – Wallamobile

The Caching/Munzee/Wallamobile taking me to all the great places to Geocache/Munzee and to forage all those great WallaBee items!!!

Owner: wallabeeprof

How To Get: An upgrade swap details on profile page👍

Meaning: This was made in honor of my scion Xb that took me to lots of places for my geolocation games before it got totaled👍

Which number Unique is this for you? This is my second Unique.

Closing Thoughts: Andy’s art work is amazing as always👍 he captured this with amazing detail and a cool concept 😊

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January 13, 2019

Unique Spotlight – DAD-e

In memory of my father, Delbert Ray Harper, I love and miss you everyday!

Owner: halowv

How To Get: This is available by trading a #44 set item

Meaning: I created this Unique in memory of my father.

Which number Unique is this for you? This was my second Unique.

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January 9, 2019

January Build-A-Unique

Hello Collectors!

Happy 2019 to all of you! A new year brings new opportunities, which includes the subject matter of this post. 2018 had a completely full Unique Commission queue, so the ability for newer players to get their hands on their own Unique Items was not possible. We tested the idea of a “Create-Your-Own” personalized Unique with WallaBoo! in October, followed by Señior(ita) Sweet Potato in November, to see if we could increase the availability of Uniques, lower the price down, and still make an interesting product. To our delight, you have responded with great feedback to these special opportunities. As we continue to make custom Uniques for players in 2019, you can count on seeing six Build-A-Uniques releasing throughout the year. The first opportunity of 2019 is January’s Sand-Mud-Snow People.

Date + Time

  • Jan. 15, 2019, at 1 p.m. CST (UTC -6) to Jan. 31, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. CST (UTC -6)


  • BAU Item: Sand-Mud-Snow People
  • Available from the online store for $50
  • No limit per user
  • New submission tool to create live previews of your BAU (courtesy of Mizak and ItemBrowser)

Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email:

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January 2, 2019

Unique Spotlight – Cali49

Our time here is brief, let’s go see what we can find!

Owner: Cali49

How To Get: Cali49 is out hiking. If you find him, he’ll gift you this Unique.

Meaning: I love hiking, camping, exploring the wild places, taking road trips and getting lost while doing so. Cali49 was created to share those feelings with other players, the joy of discovering something new, the sense of wonder out there in the wilderness, the melancholy feel of an abandoned town. Just a little glimpse at what makes me happy.

Which number Unique is this for you? This is my fourteenth Unique.

Closing Thoughts: My thanks to Andy Cameron for creating this amazing Unique, from a vague idea of mine, into one of my favorite cards in the game!

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