WallaPak 2019

Hello Collectors,

Some of you may have noticed that WallaPak is no longer available in the online store. This is because we have decided to discontinue the physical production of monthly stickers, as we’ve already used most of the Calendar Items for each month. We may add a Virtual WallaPak in the future for those who preferred the virtual products, but there is no final word about this decision as of right now. Physical stickers for your passports will still be made available at different times throughout the year, just not on a monthly basis. With WallaBee’s 7th birthday right around the corner, you never know what’s in store!

There are a few of you “lucky” players that were charged for January’s WallaPak before the final switch was thrown, shutting it down for the year. Congratulations! You now have some fairly rare stickers. Five sets of Tuli Pouch Creature stickers were sent, along with some randomized Great American Road Trip stickers.

Now that all of December’s stickers have been shipped, we will be updating the product for 2018 month stickers to include all available months for anyone who missed or wants extras, while supplies last.

Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email: support@wallabeegame.com

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