Unique Spotlight – Friends of Catan

You wouldn’t steal my Sheep…Ore Wood you?

Doggonefun: Hey EmeraldAngel, I have another unique to design, would you like to share it with me?

EmeraldAngel: Doggonefun! I would be honored! Thank you! What did you have in mind for the design?

DGF: Let’s tell how we met!

EA: Over Catan! Over 10 years ago! This would be my first big Unique, but third counting the Mass Produced Uniques, like Potatoes and Walla-Boos. How many uniques do you have again?

DGF: Oh I lost count!! What is your favorite memory from Catan Online World?

EA: I loved meeting new friends from all over the globe! I was able to learn so much about other people and cultures. What about you?

DGF: Same as you. Friends around the world. So many variations of games to play. Oh and I got to play a couple times with Klaus Teuber! He was so nice!

EA: That’s great! I would like missing set TD’s for a sub-200 even number, or possibly a missing personal unique. What about you?

DGF: At this point, I’d ask players to send me a pm for the odd numbers.

EA: I wonder if there is anyone in Wallabee that played in C.O.W.

DGF: I don’t know, but it would be great to get in touch with them again! Oh how I miss C.O.W. Lucky us that we have such talent with Andy Cameron that we can have this special item.

EA: I totally agree! Andy is an amazing talent! Let’s go play Catan so I can steal “your” sheep port!

DGF: LOL! And that 2 looks like a perfect spot for your settlement!

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