Unique Spotlight – My Jabber Baby Wocky

“Beware The Jabberwock, my son!”

Owner: Jenbee997

How To Get: So guess what? It turns out that the tumtum tree is magical! GASP! Every time I stick my arm into the tree hollow I am able to pull out another baby wocky! I have decided that for security purposes to never reveal the location of the tree. After all, we wouldn’t want the location to get leaked out onto social media! Therefore, I have established the TumTum Adoption Services Department. Single and double digit adoptions will be available for the low low price of a missing unique.

Meaning: The legend of the Jabberwock goes way way back, even before my time. I’ve always been curious about this mysterious creature, but no matter how much I searched I could never seem to find one (although I thought I caught a glimpse of one in a mirror once!). One evening as I sat to rest under a tumtum tree I heard the most curious little burble coming from within the tree. Despite my better judgement I plunged my hand into a dark tree hollow and pulled out the most precious baby jabberwock. I knew at that moment that he would be my little jabber baby wocky forever! I’ve named him TumTum in honor of the place we first met.

Which number unique is this for you? Jabber Baby Wocky is my second Wallabee Unique. My first Unique was the WallaTat which was released in 2016. WallaTats are free for all players so if you are missing one please send me a message!

Closing Thoughts: If you decide you would like to adopt a TumTum of your very own, please be aware that they require lots of love and attention. I recommend a heated blanket for when you are not around to cuddle him. And of course all wockys are on a strict diet of mome raths, but are allergic to slithy toves, so be careful because a trip to the wocky veterinarian can get quite expensive!

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