Weekly Buzz 02/23/18

Hello Collectors,

We’ve missed you! As you may have noticed last Friday, there was no Weekly Buzz. I (Robbie) was in London for WallaBee’s 6th birthday celebration (which was amazing) and ran out of time. I must admit that I am human every now and again, which is evident after spending 39,000 steps walking around London, followed by a loud dinner with 30 or so awesome WallaBee players… Needless to say, I crashed hard once inside my hotel room, with no blog post written. I apologize for that and hope that this blog will make up for two weeks of information.

Behind the Curtain

Grab Bags are still trending on WallaBee’s unofficial topic boards, which has been helpful in how we navigate future bag releases. We noticed that the response on a grab bag over the 1,000hc threshold was not welcomed, so we have made changes to the prices of various items within the set, to help this price go down further. You may notice that other items will be adjusted from all other sets to help with this balance. If you have questions about how Grab Bags work, you can find a brief overview here.

We released the Piñata item for our 6th birthday, and although the store sat and spun for everyone, the concept was applauded by various members of the community. Changing up various ways of receiving items is something that we feel helps grow the game from becoming stagnant. We wouldn’t expect many sets to all release from one item, but at least it’s now something you know may be coming. 😉

Our goal is to make our players happy. We know how much you enjoy foraging (or at least used to), which is why we’re making an effort to revitalize this aspect of the game for future growth. We want everyone to be able to forage, whether they are in the middle of a city or the middle of a field. How does this change the current aspects of WallaBee’s geolocation gameplay? Only the future can tell.

After two weeks of practice, most of our newly signed off BeeKeepers have become pros at editing locations across the world. Although some of the new team hasn’t earned their wings yet, give them time. You may begin to see some of the new BKs interacting in the forums more, as their roles get assigned. Remember, you can come to BKs with questions or suggestions you have about the app. They are our support staff, but remain players – just like you! If you have a location that needs some extra help with verifying, you can submit a photo of the location via the in-game support option. We’d love to make sure that your requested location gets approved.

Should you have any questions, please let us know by emailing Support@WallaBeeGame.com

Recent Item Highlights


Player Unique Spotlight

With more and more Player Uniques coming out, we want to spend a respectable amount of time learning more about them. Over the past two weeks, our Player Unique Spotlight has highlighted Gaius, the Wonder Corgi and Be Kind To Animals. You can read more about these uniques here.

Gaius, the Wonder Corgi

Be Kind To Animals


This Week In WallaBee History | February 12th – 25th

February 14th, 2013: Be My Valentine released in its entirety, with a completely new gameplay mechanic – Cross Mixes. This required players to look outside of the current set in order to complete it. Eros was originally named Cupid. The first RoM (Result of Mixing) in the set was found around eight hours after Cupid was released, creating panic in the community as everyone scrambled to find the other unlikely dates.

February 14th, 2013: Eau De WallaBee was introduced to WallaBee as, not only the smallest set to date, but also the longest lasting hidden message generator. Perfume and Aftershave mix with many items within the game, and produce some interesting results.

February 15th, 2012: The day before WallaBee launched, the first three items were gifted to members of staff. #1 Bearded Lady went to Ben, #1 Romantic Card went to Alan, and #1 Little Black Dress went to Simon. All of these founding staff members still have their items, with the exception of Ben – whose #1 Bearded Lady went to Simon after he deactivated his account.

February 16th, 2012: The day that WallaBee released to the public, there were 30 items available to find, with 27 of those releasing within that 24 hour period. What a day to be a low number collector! Can you name all 30 items?

February 16th, 2013: On WallaBee’s first birthday, the Mystery Box and Golden Bearded Lady were released to the public. What would we do without Mystery Boxes today?

February 16th, 2014: The entire Our 2nd Birthday set was released, along with the Mega Mix ‘2 Year Celebration.’

February 16th, 2017: The Birthday Baking set finished, with a special ending mix for the Super Birthday Cupcake.

Room For Growth

We have compiled a list of issues that we are currently working on. If you find something that doesn’t fit into this list, please reach out to us and let us know.

  • Battery drains like crazy
    • Under investigation.
  • Forum Notifications/Count are missing
    • Coming in a future update.
  • General slowness
    • Under investigation.
  • Item View Crash – Go to pouch, Tap / open item, Tap menu, App crashes
    • Fix available in next update.
  • Performing an action that triggers a pop up sometimes ‘freezes,’ which needs a hard close to fix
    • Currently being sorted out.
  • Places List – Bottom of row doesn’t register input.
    • Fix available in next update.
  • Random Crashes (especially on older devices)
    • We have discovered that the ram needed for the app fluctuates way more than it should, sometimes peaking over 1gb, which can cause older devices to crash. We are investigating what is causing this, so that we can enhance app performance.
  • Store Item and Icon don’t match
    • Under investigation. At the moment, there is a chance that the previous item image will linger, even though the item has updated to the next one in line (viewable by the honeycomb price and set icon).
  • Store purchases hang up for a long time
    • Under investigation. We’re so sorry for those effected by this issue… which should be everyone during a drop. Other times, it runs like a champ.

Community Content

This is a section of the blog where we will highlight any funny images or videos from the community. These may appear through links in the forums, on Facebook, guides on YouTube, or other sites.

While many pictures were taken over the weekend, here’s a snapshot of the Friday night dinner. More images are sure to be floating around external WallaBee fan groups, but we’ll try to consolidate a list for you soon.

If you think someone’s content (or your own) is worthy of being highlighted, you can suggest by emailing support or tagging it with #WallaCommunity.

Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email: support@wallabeegame.com

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