Unique Spotlight – Gaius, the Wonder Corgi

Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore – Cicero

Owner: QueenofDNile

How To Get: He is available for 963 set items released prior to the “The Midas Touch” set. One of these items will get you the next available issue TD. DD 99 – 51 are available for 2 963’s, 50 or less will also require the 963 be a RB200 or less. Gaius will only be issued 1 per player.

Meaning: On New Years Day 2010, my neighbors found him wondering around their campgrounds. They brought him home and looked for his owner for 3 months. During that time I took care of him and their other 2 corgis when they were out of town. I have never been a dog person but this little wonder wormed his way into my heart and life. In March, they stopped looking for his owner and started search for his new home. During the day he stayed at their place (I did not have a fence yet) and he spent his nights with me. Oddly my cats even liked him! I gave him the name Gaius Julius Caesar as I was going to Italy in May. I fenced in my yard when I got home from Italy and welcome Gaius into his new home. Sadly about 2 years later he started showing signs of a severe health issue. He developed trouble first in his back legs and could not support himself. He had to start using a doggie wheelchair (he took to it right away). With therapy and meds, we slowed the progress some, however, after about 9 months his front legs could no longer support him. He did not complain and I loved him so I could not bring myself to the ultimate decision for a few more months. In April of 2013, he finally started showing signs of how much pain he was end and with the help of my vet and friends, on March 15th (The Ides of March) he quietly walked the rainbow bridge. I called him “The Wonder Corgi” because he brought such wonder and joy to my life for those 3 short years. It is my firm belief that I did not rescue Gaius as much as he rescued me!

Which number unique is this for you? Since he was my first Dog it was only fitting he be my first unique.

Closing Thoughts: 🐾Gaius was a kind and gentle soul and he is greatly missed🐾

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