New BeeKeepers – 02/12/18

Hello Collectors!

The time has come to announce the next wave of BeeKeepers joining the hive. We had room to add an additional 10 BeeKeepers this time around, and will look forward to adding more in June/July. If you applied this time around and were unsuccessful in making the list, we appreciate the time you took to fill out the application and would like to thank you for the submission! We will keep the application on hand for the June/July. All of the following players will be working on Place Approval, but some have chosen other strengths that they would like to work on as well.

Now, without any further delay, here are your new BeeKeepers!

  • alicewilde88 – Place Approval
  • BonnieB – NewBee Committee
  • ChucksGhost – NewBee Committee
  • Kindbus – Forum Moderator
  • Mickeynme – NewBee Committee
  • Neilsmom -Forum Moderator
  • RTHawk -NewBee Committee
  • Secret_cloud – NewBee Committee
  • Verit4s – Forum Moderator
  • wallabeeprof – Forum Moderator

All of these players are excited to serve the game and community in a larger capacity. Please give them a congratulations if you run into them in game. They’re still getting used to their ‘sea-legs,’ so be nice!

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