Improvements to the Royal Jelly Store

Hello Collectors!

We have made some recent improvements to the Royal Jelly Store that allow us to keep things fresh. We have added a behind-the-scenes ability for us to limit the number of purchases that can be made on specific products, so we can offer certain items and bargains to our players without it being taken advantage of. However, please keep in mind that items with purchase limits will not disappear once the limit has been met. Instead, a message will appear informing the player that they have met the limit. The purchase limit will be included in the product description for your convenience.

Starting now, players can enjoy the option of a virtual WallaPak in the RJ Store for 1300 RJ. This bundle is similar to the physical WallaPak we offered in 2018, but includes the following:

  • 40k Honeycombs
  • 2 Chest Keys
  • 30 Locks
  • 2 Mystery Boxes (WallaPak Variant)

We will be limiting this to one (1) per person, per month.

Also starting now, players can enjoy a helpful one-time Community Bundle of 5 Chest Keys for 1 Royal Jelly.

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