Competitions and Butterflies

Hello Collectors!

We are well on our way to a very fun Bowling Competition! If you haven’t joined a club yet, you can do so by mixing these two items (1, 2).

WARNING! The following contains spoilers for the set. If you do not wish to know, please halt now and enjoy this Bearded Lady design created in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


Bowling Competition

This is a bowling set, so there are a few items you’re likely to encounter, such as Bowling Balls, Pins, and the results of mixing these items together…  So here are some details so you and your club can plan for success.

There are three different types of bowling balls: Basic, Amateur, and Pro. Each ball is more likely to earn you a certain result. For example, a Basic Ball will more likely earn you an Average Shot more than a Strike, while a Pro Ball has a better chance to hit a Strike. However, with that higher Strike chance also comes a higher chance to roll a Gutterball.

Items in this set that will result in points for your team will either be the result of mixing or interacting with (“Roll Again”). Unlike normal bowling with a set number of frames in which to play and a score that only goes through 300, our ‘frames’ will take place over a 2-week span with the ability to earn up to 450,000 points. Each club will have access to their own special location with 300 item spots (only visible by that club) where items can be placed to earn points. Should multiple clubs reach the potential max points listed above before the competition ends, additional item spots will be added to their club. There are no ties in this competition.

The schedule will be as follows:

  • Monday, May 25th 00:00:01 UTC – Sunday, June 7th 23:59:59 UTC
  • The winning club will be announced on Monday, June 8th.

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • Earned Points
    • Spare: 50 points
    • Strike: 100 points
    • Turkey: 400 points
    • Hambone: 500 points
    • Ham Turkey Dinner: 1000 points
    • Golden Turkey: 1500 points
  • No points:
    • Normal set items (Attendant, Rental Shoes, etc.)
    • Average Shot
    • Split

To earn points, players must fill their special Club location with items. Keep some strategy in mind when dropping items at this place, as there is limited space.

A breakdown of each club’s points will be available on our website closer to the beginning of the competition. We hope you enjoy this fun game within a game, as we bowl our hearts out!


As the weather warms up (in the Northern Hemisphere), butterflies are fluttering around, landing in various locations. Little known fact, Robbie and his family raised (if you can say that) some butterflies and let them go recently… which was a great experience to share with loved ones. Another great experience with butterflies is to collect them, so that’s exactly what we’re going to give you very soon!

Why is this announcement happening by way of the blog, you may ask? Well, these butterflies act differently from all other items in WallaBee. These items will begin appearing at random locations around the world at launch and will continue to be found at locations afterward. Unlike buying or foraging an item, these butterflies will already be created, waiting to be picked up. While this is a fun geolocation aspect on its own, there is another twist! Similar to the way collectors display their butterflies, any saved butterflies will be ‘pinned’ to your set. You can, however, remove the butterfly from your set once saved, but it will retain it’s ‘pinned’ artwork.

You can expect to see these butterflies appearing near you very soon!

EDIT: These are now live! They will be spawning randomly every 20 minutes out into the wild!

Get collecting!

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