We’re Better Together | Free BAU Opportunity

Hello Collectors!

In order to help reach our players and spread positivity, we are offering a FREE Paper Crane for all active players. The paper crane is a symbol of hope and healing, which our world desperately needs right now. You can share your special BAU with friends in-game through gifting and trades, or by recycling them around the world, creating a beautiful rainbow of hope. We hope to see many of these items spread throughout the game and the world very, very soon!

Should you want a second, third, tenth Paper Crane, you’re welcome to purchase one through the online store.
The following is a list of features you can expect to see between the free and paid versions of this special BAU opportunity.

The free version is limited to the following:
  • Limit 1 per person
  • Item Name will be set to “<your_username_here>’s Paper Crane”. I.E. RedCarRobbie’s Paper Crane
  • Fewer patterns to choose from
  • Background is mandatory

The paid version has the following:

  • No limit
  • Item Name can be what you like, given the restrictions below regarding already existing item names, copyright/etc.
  • More patterns to choose from
  • Background is optional

[Use this link to customize your PAPER CRANE Unique]


  • BAU Item: Paper Crane
  • Available for FREE right now or for the discounted rate of $10 in the Freeze Tag Store, starting March 25th, at 4:30 p.m. CDT (UTC -5).
  • Preview tool is available for the Paid version of your BAU before you purchase (courtesy of Mizak and ItemBrowser)!
  • Limit:
    • One (1) FREE Paper Crane per user
    • No limit on purchases
  • Item Name:
    • Free: Your item name will be “<your_username_here>’s Paper Crane”. I.E. RedCarRobbie’s Paper Crane
    • Paid: No restriction of the above, but needs to follow guidelines below
    • May not contain vulgar or distasteful words, copyright/trademarked names/terms (including WallaBee Characters), or reference to other players. Our staff has the final say on name approval. Using already existing item names is not allowed and may result in a delay in receiving your item.
      • Acceptable Names: Lasagna Cat, Foraging Feline.
      • Unacceptable Names: Garfield, Bearded Lady’s Cat.
  • Unique ownership is nontransferable between accounts.
  • You will have all distributive rights to your Unique once it is added to your account, with the exception of offering it through Foraging, Star Shop, and/or Market resale. WallaFig is not giftable and will only come out of your Gift Box.
  • There is no cap to how many you can distribute.
  • This offer is specifically for a personalized Unique, not a custom Unique commission. Alterations to the design of the Unique are not available outside of the available options to choose from which we have provided. If you’re interested in commissioning a Unique, more information is available on our website.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add a special Player Unique of your very own to your collection!

  • Timeframe: No end date has been set at this time. News will be available as things progress. This offer ends May 1st, 2 pm UTC (9 am CDT).

EDIT: Once you have submitted your Free design, please allow up to a day before it is added to your account. The BAU will show up in the Inventory section of your profile once it is ready. No message will be sent to inform you that it’s been added to your account.

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