Unique Gifting Portal

Unique Gifting Portal

Good Morning, y’all!

One awesome thing about our game is our community… Okay, let’s be honest, it really is the best thing about it. Shh… One of the ways our community is awesome is in their support of the game through putting a bit of themselves into WallaBee through Player Uniques. After switching over from Version 1 to Version 2, the gifting portal (along with various other components) were temporarily turned off.

I think you understand where we’re going with this one… so I’ll just cut to the chase. The Unique Gifting portal is now online and operational (thanks, Mizak)! You can find the gifting portal through your login on WallaBeeGame.com. The best thing? You can gift easily from mobile with a friendly responsive design! Here’s a quick image of the desktop view. Pay no attention to the amount of honeycombs in my account…


Desktop View

Unlike the previous Unique Gifting portal, this one does not currently allow for MIXINGPOOL and RECYCLE commands. In the meantime, if you would like to recycle the items around the world, you will have to gift to yourself and then recycle them like normal. If you would like an item added to the Mixerpool, please gift them to yourself and send an email to support. We will add it to the pool for you.

We hope you enjoy the new feature we continue to add to the website. This Unique Gifting Portal should make things feel a bit more like home.

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