iOS Update: 2.0.5 Notes

iOS Update: 2.0.5

Hey, y’all!

Update 2.0.5 has been out for Android for a short while and is now available on iOS in the App Store. To download, navigate to your App Store on your device and select Updates at the bottom right of the screen. It may not show at first, based on your location, so be patient.

Here is a list of updates you will find in 2.0.5, along with some backend changes. We hope you enjoy!

  • Added some internal business logic improvements.
  • Fixed the bug causing no Store data and the Top 100 issue.
  • Removed the Too Far Away section when it has no data to display.
  • Updating Home Location is now more accurate, but not too accurate. ūüėČ

We hope¬†our efforts¬†haven’t gone unnoticed by all of our wonderful players. We work really hard to bring you the best WallaBee possible.

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