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June 28, 2017

Website Updates – 06/28/2017

Website Updates

Hello everyone!

Who likes updates? We do! In fact, Judy has updated the website to the newer version of React (15.5.4), which has allowed her to create a better user experience. With Mizak’s help porting over all of the behind-the-scenes tools, you will find that things run much smoother on the site. If you run into formatting issues with your browser, using a hard refresh will fix it (CMD+Shift+R or CTRL+Shift+R).


Layout Overhaul

You will find a brand new layout on most pages (which is a tad bit more mobile friendly), with an easy navigating menu on the top right. No more following certain rabbit holes to get where you need to go.

Side Menu


Personal Profiles

Profiles have gotten a nice overhaul, allowing logged in players the ability to see items in their pouch and their set (or lack there of).

Pouch Items


Set Items

We didn’t stop at viewing your own profile, though. Judy has updated how you can view another player’s profile, which displays information is a format that’s easier to read. To get to a user’s page, simply select ItemBee from the navigation menu and select the Profile Search tab.

Public Profile


Sets Page

Along with the layout, there are some added bits of information on the Sets Page. Players can now quickly see the total number of set completions, who it was designed by, and when the set was created.

Set Page


Judy and Mizak have both been working hard to bring the best web-based experience to our players, so what are you waiting for? Go check out the new site additions!


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June 28, 2017

WallaBee 2.1.2 Notes

WallaBee 2.1.2

We are back with a new update in the App Store and Google Play Store: Update 2.1.2.

This version is comprised mostly of bug fixes, but also includes a messaging format change (you’re welcome).

Bug Fixes

  • Added set completion number to set completion story
  • Added new messaging text box (no more single-line text box)
  • Fixed status caching for items (weird context menu when saving/locking/removing from set/sending trade/etc)
  • Fixed story caching on user’s main profile
  • Fixed Mix Mode selection bug
  • Updated Mix Mode to cancel when app is in background
  • Updated text when selecting an item at a place
  • Updated Forum Comments text styles
  • Android Back Button now performs more like it should
  • Android Store Timers should no longer freeze in place when navigating away from the app

Questions, comments, concerns? Email:

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June 26, 2017

Shave and a Haircut

Two Bits!

Hello WallaBee Players!

We have a new set to share with you: Two Bits. Inspired by the silly knock that we all do when visiting a friend’s house, this set will take a look at what a ‘typical’ salon in WallaVille looks like. In fact, it’s the only salon in WallaVille. Be prepared for a new ‘do… or two.

Speaking of something new, this set is a great opportunity to release a new subcategory to the Services Places Category: Salon / Barber. Places with this new subcategory will begin popping up on the map over this next week, replacing most current hair salons. Players will soon be able to add new Salon / Barber locations from within the app. For those who are interested in the backend statistics, this new category has an accessible radius of 600m, with a max item count of 60, which follows in line with most of the Services category.

In other news, we hope that you enjoyed The Hunt. The idea for that set came to us from one of our players and BeeKeepers, Lightek. Last September, our BeeKeepers had an internal competition with adding new places. Their names were added to a raffle the more places they added, and there were many prizes to be had. Lightek was one of three winners of the ‘set co-producer’ reward, which means you can look forward to two other BeeKeeper-inspired sets later this year.

As always, have fun and #ForageOn.
Questions, Comments, Concerns? Email

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June 12, 2017

WallaBee 2.1.1

WallaBee 2.1.1

Happy Monday!

Last week, we updated the game to 2.1, which brought an unforeseen slowness to the game. We have a fix for this available now in the App and Play Stores. Other fixed available in this update include:

  • Image flickering issue.
  • Inbox not showing correct message count.
  • Items jumping around in pouch/unable to move items.
  • Places scrolling lock when searching.

We continue to roll out updates to keep the game running smoothly. Should you find any issues with 2.1.1, please email us and let us know.


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June 7, 2017

WallaBee 2.1 Notes

WallaBee 2.1

Hello Y’all!

It’s time for another app update! WallaBee 2.1 is now available in the App and Play Stores. We are very confident in this next version of WallaBee. Although there are still aspects awaiting implementation (ability to open Mystery Boxes, break Christmas Crackers, see forum notifications, etc.), we now have a great platform to begin adding these features back into the game. Speaking of which, update 2.1 brings back a great feature to WallaBee: Push Notifications. Immediately after updating to 2.1, you will receive notifications when other players message you. Sometimes this can be delayed by a minute, so no need to worry if you don’t get a notification the moment someone sends you a message. This is normal. We will also be adding the ‘Boing’ sound, badge count, and other types of notifications very soon, which includes trade requests, comments on item history, new blog posts, and much more.

On a similar note, you will notice that some missing mixes have been added back into the game: Trick/Fortune Card, Third Degree Burn/Fire Chief Yote, Mushroom+Alice, Midnight Kiss, and Levitating Ball.


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June 6, 2017

The Hunt

The Hunt

In February, WallaBee celebrated its 5th birthday. There were events in London and Orlando to celebrate this benchmark, each with their own theme. Those in London were sent on a devious hunt…

This is their story.

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June 5, 2017

WallaBee 2.0.9 Notes

Good Morning!

We hope your Monday (or Tuesday) is going well! Our Monday has just begun and we already have a quick update.

2.0.9 is hitting the market today, which adds a settings toggle for Store Item Animation, along with some backend bug fixes. Please make sure to update your app to this newest version to ensure you’re playing the game in its best version. That’s it. Definitely no Jabberwocky, positively no hidden details, and absolutely no surprises.

In other news, we are making a transition with our email domain from being at (old website) to Any and all mail sent to will be forwarded to the new domain. My personal email will be in transition as well, but to


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June 1, 2017

WallaBee 2.0.8 Notes

Greetings WallaBee Players!

Yesterday marked the last day of May, meaning that Version 2 of WallaBee has officially been out for a full month. Including the release of Version 2, there have been eight new pushes to the App Store within the last thirty-one days. On average, this means we’re pushing out updates once every 4 days. We hope that our hard work is showing through each and every update the app receives. We appreciate the positive support the community has shown, regardless of the hangups that we run into. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our newest update: 2.0.8.

Update 2.0.8 should be available in the App and Play Stores right away, with the majority of updates being bug fixes. Here’s a list of fixes that 2.0.7 and 2.0.8 bring:

  • Context Menu Fix – Items sometimes showed the wrong context menu when changing their state (i.e. Unlocking items didn’t show a context menu every time).
  • Market Set Icons Fix – Older items in the market showed the wrong set icon.
  • Activity Bug Fix – When players completed a set, it would remove all recent activity from view on their profile.
  • Repopulating Store When App Goes Background To Foreground – Stores only gather information when the app is open, so sending WallaBee to the background would cause the app to display missing items in the store when reopened. This has now been fixed.
  • Update Store Timer Logic – When we implemented the above fix in 2.0.7, the timer bars had a bad logic which caused them to appear empty until the next item came into the store. This has been reworked to give a better visual experience.
  • Trade Image Fix – Receiving a Trade Request notification would show empty space where the items should have displayed. This has been fixed.
  • Can’t Send Requests To Inactive Users – Previously, players were able to send trades/friend requests to inactive players. We have now updated inactive player accounts to not display a context menu. This should also help players quickly determine whether a player is inactive or not.
  • Location Accuracy Adjustments – We have received numerous reports of places showing incorrectly in the list view. This is due to the inconsistency between your position when information is fetched from the server and what your phone displays. We have taken steps to reduce this inaccuracy across the board, as well as update the entire places database to ensure their lat/lng positions are being displayed correctly.

In other news, we are aware that some of our players are experiencing health issues with the popping animation items have in the store. We apologize for the unforeseen issues that this animation has caused and are working on implementing a setting which will allow players to choose whether or not store item animation is on or off. Additionally, we feel confident that the app is in a stable enough position to begin reintroducing items on a consistent basis. We are almost to a pivotal moment in Another Night In The Forest… we hope you’re ready for it.


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