Version 2.0.4 Update

Trading and Bug Fixes

Hello Everyone!

Version 2.0.4 is now live in the App Store. This update fixes multiple bugs, including the recent trading crash which caused our players to have issues initiating trades with other users. In order to fix this trading issue, we decided it would be easier, and within everyone’s best interest, to give the trading interface a overdue pick-me-up.

After downloading 2.0.4, you will have access to this new trading mechanic. Everything works the same, whether you choose your item or another player’s item first. Here’s a quick preview about how the new interface looks.


Initiate the trade like normal from your item or a friend’s


Select the second item in the trade. Your item is always on the left and your friend’s is on the right.


Select whether you would like to include Honeycombs with your item or request them from your friend. You cannot send and receive honeycombs within the same transaction.

The red ‘Request Honeycombs’ button signifies that this is not an option.


To remove Honeycombs from the trade, or change who is giving the HC, simply change the amount to 0. You can now send your trade!

In addition to these changes, you will find that there are new pins on the map view, as well as correct trading invalidations when a trade you’ve proposed is voided by your friend dropping, locking, saving, or otherwise changing the state of the item. No more new trade bugs! If you do have an older trade that’s stuck, unable to cancel, please email support and we will fix it quickly.

We appreciate your patience and support as we work toward making WallaBee 2.0 the best version possible.

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