Unique Friday 12-23

Unique Friday

This is the last Unique Friday of 2016! This is a time to celebrate! Woohoo!

Doggonefun Italy

  • Description: Noi non potemo avere perfetta vita senza amici. ~ Dante (We cannot have a perfect life without friends.)
  • Owner: Doggonefun
  • How to Get: Please visit her profile for a list of how to get this unique.

Tavern of the Damned

  • Description: Tavern of the Damned, a place for lost souls to connect and for Indigo to find the family she deserves.
  • Owner: Indigo
  • How to Get: More information about how to get this unique will be given after 12/27.

Have a Happy Holiday Season!

Robbie McGuire

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