Unique Friday 8-12 (NOW ENDED)

One quick announcement before we get into the main event: Since the Cubimal set is now over (Thank God!), we can move into our next set… Which has a lot of mixing. A LOT of mixing.

To give you some time to organize your stashes, refill your HC, and get organized, we will not be dropping any new items over the weekend. *gasp*

Instead, we will be hosting a half-off Honeycomb and Lock sale on the online store for the weekend. The sale will end on Monday, at 5pm UTC. You can reach the store by following this link. Please note this does not include in-app purchases (sorry). We will also be topping up the mixerpool, with the possibility of special mixers coming back into the Wallastore. Who knows! Stay tuned to find out!

And now, to the main event!

We missed last Friday, due to some backend issues, but we’re here with just a *few* Uniques from Andy. I’m not joking when I say these uniques are going to make your jaws drop. If you could see the Before Concepts, you would appreciate these After Designs even more. Well done to these players for coming up with such creative and memorable Uniques, and a round of applause for Andy. He’s the man!

American Flag

  • Owner: DackV
  • How to Get: Please contact DackV. Also available for missing TDs.

Girl Detective

  • Description: “Read, read, read,. That’s all I can say.” – Carolyn Keene, The Secret of the Old Clock
  • Owner: OnlySleepn
  • How to Get: Please contact OnlySleepn.

For the Joy of Science

  • Description: Science should be all about exploring, investigating, and throwing things together (occasionally blowing things up). Anybody who tells you otherwise has forgotten the joy of Science.
  • Owner: Fosjam
  • How to Get: DDs and low TDs will be available for missing TDs.

Robert LeRoy

  • Description: Everything is perfect . . . unless it’s not – no promises! (I love you, Daddy!)
  • Owner: Fluteface
  • How to Get: Please see Fluteface’s profile or send her a message.
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