Unique Friday 8-12 pt.2

Sorry about that! There were too many Uniques for one post. Who knew! Here are the rest. Enjoy!

The Cologner

  • Description: Home is where the Dom is. Cologne is fun, joy and culture. Established since 38BC
  • Owner: Winkide
  • How to Get: Trades for other missing uniques or missing TDs.

Left Shark

  • Description: He might be left shark, but he’s the right shark for you.
  • Owner: Trent
  • How to Get: Please contact Trent.

Guardian Angel

  • Description: Anna, this is for you. You were loving, funny, beautiful and everything I could have wanted. You’ll always be in my heart. I will never forget you, ever.
  • Owner: Sean
  • How to Get: A list of certain players has been made for distribution. Please contact Sean for mass distribution details, as none have been set at this time.

Back in the Day

  • Description: When you had to blow inside game cartridges to make them work.
  • Owner: Mookie02
  • How to Get: Please contact Mookie02.
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