A Discussion On Fair Play

We would like to take a moment to explain what fair play means to us here at WallaBee, as it can sometimes be seen as a subjective term.

General Fairness

Types of Items

  • Set Items
    • All players are given access to all set items.
    • All players are given the same opportunity to get new set items.


  • WallaBee Unique Items
    • Defined as an extra item, outside of normal set items, obtainable through gameplay (cross mixes, mega mixes, store purchase, foraging, pulling from Mixerpool).
    • All players are given access to these items, although some are harder to find than others (Mystery Box & Christmas Mixer).


  • Player Unique Items
    • Defined as an extra item, outside of normal set items, obtainable through other means. They are not always available for all players.
    • Players are periodically given the opportunity to commission an item, which is maintained solely by that player (or a group of players). This includes complete control of distribution as they see fit, as long as it fits within WallaBee terms and conditions.
    • Some Player Uniques are created by WallaBee Staff for special events, moments, or competitions, such as the WallaBacker, Birthday Cake(s), and Wolwocks House Cup.
    • Players do not have a right to publicly harass unique owners for how a unique is distributed.


  • Branded Items
    • Defined as an extra item, outside of normal set items, obtainable through gameplay AND/OR other means.
    • Branded items are created by companies and individuals for the purpose of advertising, fundraising, etc.
    • Select Branded items are obtainable only through donations or the Mixerpool.



  • All players are given access to gaining in-game currency through foraging at locations and selling items to other players.
  • Everyone is able to play without spending any real money, although purchasing HC is available for those who find it helpful.

Dropped / Locked Items

  • Any item dropped at a location is fair game for another player to pick up. Locks are currently given in game through Mystery Boxes and Christmas Mixers, but we have plans of adding additional ways to earn locks without paying for them.
  • There’s a motto that’s developed within the forums: “Lock it or lose it.” We give everyone the ability to save one of each item into their sets, and carry a default of 30 items with them in their pouch (before upgrades). If collecting items outside of those saved to your set is important to you, please lock them so other players cannot take them.
  • If you would like to read more about dropped / locked items, please tap here.

One Account Per Player

  • This rule is not new, but is being mentioned again as a reminder. Each account should only be playing for themselves.
  • WallaBee is a family-friendly game, and has every intention of staying that way, allowing multiple people within a household to play. We understand that some children may require assistance, such as: logging in on the same device as the parent, keeping their location hidden, etc. HOWEVER, if your child, sister, nephew, uncle, dog, dead relative, or any other person within your household are only playing for your benefit, this is where there is an issue.
  • Using other accounts to hold/gain items, sell items on the market, and/or transfer HC to a main account is breaking the rules. We can track all transactions, locations, drops, pick ups, swaps, and purchases down to the second. Please play within the rules.
  • If you are cheating, and haven’t been banned yet, don’t think that you’re getting away with it. There are many users currently doing this type of behavior that won’t be with us at the end of the week.
  • If you have been using multiple accounts for the reasons above, and don’t want to chance your account being permanently banned, please reach out to me through PM or email. Should you decide to come forward, you will be given a warning and may continue playing on your main account.

Drop Times

WallaBee is a worldwide game, reaching multiple countries, time zones, and cultures. Some new items may be released when you are sleeping. We do not aim for convenient release times, as the word convenient is subjective, and differs person to person (even within the same time zone). Convenience is an impossible goal without giving favoritism, so we will be aiming for a more well-rounded percentage of “Daylight Hour” drops.

ItemBrowser has updated their site to include an Item Drop Analyzer, which shows customizable pie chart graphs ranging from the past week of drops, to the entire history of WallaBee. This is a helpful tool for all players who are concerned about their time zone’s drop times having fewer Daylight Hour drops.

For example, looking at Auckland [+12] from the beginning of WallaBee, we can see that only 34.4% of their drops are during Daylight Hours, where UTC has 65.7%.

The staff is committed to equalizing these statistics to ensure more Daylight Hour drops across the board, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to work on this goal.


As the community shares their hopes and dreams of a brighter future for the app, we take notes. Whether your ideas are used better the game or not, all ideas and heard and considered. With the recent announcement of new subcategories, we want to make sure that your concerns are heard. There was concern about cemeteries not being within couch range of some users. I understand the laziness factor that WallaBee plays to, but it is still a geo-location based game at the core. Getting outdoors for certain activities is actually good for you, believe it or not. If you have a condition that limits mobility, we obviously do not want to leave you out of the fun. Certain accommodations will be made for these players.

The main hurdle that the game faces with locations, is the selfish component. Data shows that many users add spots close to our stashes, so they can maximize the couch-based gameplay. We have seen that many players do not have the motivation to get out, explore their place of living, and add new locations, if it is outside of their homebase circle… at least currently.

We are currently working on implementing a new reward system for adding new places to WallaBee. Need some extra HC or running out of locks? Get out and add new locations!

More information on this topic will be released when the development of this feature is ready to go live. We would appreciate all questions on the topic be saved for the official announcement, as not all the details have been solidified. We wanted to give you a heads up, as there will be a certain level of retroactive compensation to encourage more places being made sooner than later.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email me directly or email support@wallab.ee

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