Banned Accounts

Banned Accounts

Hello! It’s not every day I bring up this topic, especially on a Sunday where I live… but it must be addressed.

Over the past week, with the occurrence of more users, there have been reasons to look into the legitimacy of accounts. Over this past week, we have permanently suspended 32 accounts for managing multiple profiles. These players ranged from newbees, to high ranked users, to BeeKeepers. No one gets off the hook, just because of your status or investment in the game. If you are caught cheating, and don’t admit it, you’re done. I have personally spent many hours on this, both in-office hours and personal time (sorry, Kelsey!), and do not take these situations lightly. Without mentioning any names, you will notice that some previously active users are no longer active.

Here are some interesting statistics:

  • If an account has been banned, we are 100% confident they were breaking WallaBee rules.
  • The evidence was reviewed by a team of BeeKeepers and Staff. The decision to contact the players involved, which in some cases lead to accounts getting banned, was unanimously agreed upon every time. Again, these situations are not heat-of-the-moment decisions, but well thought out with meticulous detail.
  • We generally give the caught offender the opportunity to explain themselves. If they admit to breaking the rules, their account receives a warning and equivalent punishment based on the offense, but they can continue playing. Although we reserve the right to suspend an account without warning, new management deems it important to offer second chances where appropriate.
  • We have had to request the assistance of translators, to avoid any miscommunications.
  • Please don’t gossip. Premature speculation can lead to misunderstandings and to the defaming of others. We as Staff will notify the community when the timing is appropriate.
  • If you think you are in a situation that may be perceived incorrectly, please do not hesitate to contact support.

There are specifically two players that have been with the game for a long time, who have been caught cheating with multiple accounts. There is overwhelming evidence that these additional accounts were being managed for the benefit of the main account.

With all that being said, this has been a sad weekend for us, and we hope that you will understand what has been lost due to cheating. It is with heavy hearts we bring you this information, and we appreciate your support as we make this game more fair for everyone.

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