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May 31, 2016


Rob: Yote… Yote… YOTE!!!

Yote: Yes, sir. Mr. Imperial Leader, SIR!

Rob: What are you doing, Yote?

Yote: Foraging, of course, Imperial Leader!

Rob: Good to hear, Yote! We have a surprise for you.

Yote: A surprise?! Am I finally getting the Yote Mixer?!?!?!

Rob: Not quite, but close. We’re putting The Yote in a set, all of its own.

Yote: A whole set?? Tell me more SIR!

Rob: It’s all below in the forum post, Yote. Thank you for all that you do.

Yote: Thank you, Mr. Imperial Leader!! I’m so money!!! YOTE

Ah, Yote and The Imperial Leader… Well, Rob is correct. We have a new set coming out, all based on The Yote!

This is the first official Munzee/WallaBee cross over – with some lovely artwork from Andy! As you all know, The Yote has been a great part of our community, as well as on the Munzee side of things, and his icon is very recognizable. We hope that you enjoy this shoutout to The Yote!

We also want to take this opportunity to help to our friends to the north. If you haven’t heard, Canada is experiencing terrible wildfires right now. For the month of June, proceeds from the new Fire Mystery Munzees, and our online sales for WallaBee, will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross on behalf of the Munzee Resellers to help those affected by these fires.

If you would like to donate as well, please visit The Government of Canada is matching all individual donations, and they could use all the help they can get.

Update:The Government of Canada is no longer matching donations as of June 1st.

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May 27, 2016

Unique Friday 05-27

Unique Friday #8 is here! There are some new uniques that will be released without acknowledgement here, per owner’s request… We hope you enjoy!


  • Description: Sometimes the call of chocolatey goodness is just too strong to ignore… Now where’d I put that Wonderbar…
  • Owner: Indigo
  • How To Get: Please contact Indigo regarding this unique.


  • Description: Not all those who wander are lost. Eureka! Let’s go see what we can find.
  • Owner: Cali49
  • How To Get: Cali49 will trade TD Sheldon uniques for any #1849 item or missing unique. DDs and/or specific numbers are open for negotiations. If you have already gifted Cali49 a unique or #1849, you’re on the list to receive this unique and will be receiving one soon.
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May 20, 2016

Unique Friday 05-20


Unique Friday #7 is here! Please help me welcome these two new additions to our game.


  • Description: Cousins by birth and friends by choice, Elli61 and Michal share a rich family heritage that can be traced back to ancient times. The Hamsa, a symbol of protection and love, is a perfect representation of their family and ancestry.
  • How To Get: Please contact Elli61 or Michal regarding this unique.

Dragon Boat

  • Description: Dragon boat races were traditionally held as part of the annual Duanwu Festival observance. Dragon boats are the basis of a team paddling sport, which has its roots in an ancient folk ritual of contending villagers, which has been held for over 2000 years throughout southern China.
  • How To Get: Woofmy will begin distributing this unique as of June 9th, the date of this year’s dragon boat. The unique will be traded for missing 404s or uniques.
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May 17, 2016

Megamixes Are Back!

Happy Tuesday!

As you can see, megamixes are back and they are strong!

I was planning on making a forum post before these last flower items went live, explaining that mega mixes have been tested and are working again. However, before I had even finished adding the new mixes, they all went live. The items were in the 1xy’s before I noticed that they had dropped. The mega mix item, The Very Lovely Special Garden, was figured out before I knew what was going on myself. So, my apologies that a new mega mix went live without a formal post.

Now, all I can say is… prepare for the unexpected. Have a wonderful week!

Gaberbocchus veniet cito

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May 16, 2016

Tell Us A Tale Results

Happy Monday!

This weekend marked the last two items of the Tell Us A Tale set, and we couldn’t be more excited!

In case you missed it, here are the final standings for the competition. everyone did a great job, and I am proud of everyone who contributed their time, energy, and efforts toward this competition.

Final Standings

Dragons of Colbourndor: 27.5 points

Yetis of Snugglepuff: 26 points

Phoenixes of Jabbaclaw: 25 points

Unicorns of Slithering: 25 points

Congratulations to the Dragons for winning this competition! I’m sure you’re all wondering what your wonderful reward is. So, without further ado, we would like to present the each member of the Dragons with 60k HC or 200 locks for a job well done. Please contact with which reward you would like.

In addition, the Dragons will have the ability (if they so choose) to help with the descriptions of an upcoming set.

We want to thank you all for playing in this competition, and wish you the best of luck in the next one.

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May 13, 2016

Unique Friday 05-13

Hello Fellow Bees!

Unique Friday #6 is here! We had a bit of a hangup, but we are back with a mixture of the last installment of Wave 2 with the first installment of Wave 3. There will be a small announcement at the end of the highlights, but before you read that part, please help me welcome these new Uniques into the game.


  • Description: The Caching/Munzee/Wallamobile taking me to all the great places to Geocache/Munzee and to forage all those great WallaBee items!!!
  • How To Get: Please contact wallabeeprof regarding this unique.

Star Man

  • Description: Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars!
  • How To Get: Please contact Neilsmom regarding this unique.

Sunshine Love

  • Description: Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. – Franklin P. Jones
  • How To Get: Please contact RhondaPonda regarding this unique.

Still Health Aware

  • Description: *Name and description are subject to change*
  • How To Get: BonnieB will be trading numbers 100-200 for future 117’s. Please contact her regarding any other numbers for this unique.

The Mermaid

  • Description: A mermaid found a swimming lad, Picked him for her own, Pressed her body to his body, Laughed; and plunging down Forgot in cruel happiness That even lovers drown. – William Butler Yeats
  • How To Get: Please contact IFeltThat regarding this unique.

More Accouncements

In other news, the flower store is beginning to bloom with great combinations of flowers. The store has been doing so well during the first week being open, that the store owner has decided to limit how she sells special bouquts in the future. There may be days where a “delayed” flower combination will be available by our shop keeper, which may trigger a few subsequent drops if she is not careful. She has requested that you be prepared for whatever happens.

We are nearing the end of our Tell Us a Tale series. We hope that you have enjoyed Andy’s artwork and the community-built storyline. Each clan has put forth a great effort, with both story design and creative outlets. The points for these will be calculated once more to ensure accuracy, and will more than likely bring a very close “photo finish” ending. The current standings are as follows:

Yetis of Snugglepuff: 26 points

Dragons of Colbourndor: 24.5 points

Phoenixes of Jabbaclaw: 23 points

Unicorns of Slithering: 22 points

With 2 items left, each being worth a total of 4 points, this is still anyone’s game. Have a great weekend!

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