Unique Friday 05-27

Unique Friday #8 is here! There are some new uniques that will be released without acknowledgement here, per owner’s request… We hope you enjoy!


  • Description: Sometimes the call of chocolatey goodness is just too strong to ignore… Now where’d I put that Wonderbar…
  • Owner: Indigo
  • How To Get: Please contact Indigo regarding this unique.


  • Description: Not all those who wander are lost. Eureka! Let’s go see what we can find.
  • Owner: Cali49
  • How To Get: Cali49 will trade TD Sheldon uniques for any #1849 item or missing unique. DDs and/or specific numbers are open for negotiations. If you have already gifted Cali49 a unique or #1849, you’re on the list to receive this unique and will be receiving one soon.
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