Unique Tuesday?

Unique Tuesday

Hey everyone! We hope that you had a restful weekend. I know mine wasn’t.

Today we bring you a Unique release day… and when you think about it, every day is unique, right? There are 2 great uniques being released today from wave 2 of the KickStarter backers. We hope you enjoy them!

Always and Forever…

  • Description: …and a day.
  • How To Get: Please contact Kergillian regarding this unique. He will be releasing the item soon!


  • Description: The gods have deemed you worthy… welcome to paradise.
  • How To Get: Please contact Jrisidore regarding this unique. He will be hosting a contest soon, which is why the artwork is not here yet.

Want to own a unique of your very own? We will be posting more information about this near the end of June. Stay tuned!

Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email: support@wallabeegame.com

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