Linode, KickStarter, Duplicates… Oh, my.

Hello everyone!

We have a quick update for you all!


Due to their continued connection issues, we have begun looking to take our business elsewhere. With this being said, we will be moving everything to a new service provider, who should take way better care of us.

This migration will be happening on Tuesday, January 19th. While this is taking place, you may experience sporadic moments of downtime. Our goal is for 0% downtime, but we understand that sometimes things happen. We are hoping for a quick and speedy transition to the new host and really do appreciate your patience as we deal with all the frustrating things behind the scenes.

KickStarter Card/Pouch Space

We will be distributing the Unique Card within the next 24 hours, in the order you pledged. It doesn’t matter whether you pledged $5 or $1,000, the first person that hit the pledge button will get #1 and so on. We have the original records of the order, so don’t worry if your pledge moved with the addition of the Stretch Goals. Pouch space will also be added during the next few days.

Duplicate Items

We are almost there! I have been working on this for a while now, and I’m pleased to announce that we have under 125 left! The whole situation is terrible, and I apologize for any anxiety this has caused, but I have been working with everyone personally to make sure it goes as smooth as it can.

Skip and Maroo have helped me keep the spreadsheet up to date (thank you!). SpreadSheet Any and all help is greatly appreciated. If you have any of these items, please send me a PM or email:

Again, you guys are all awesome, and we are so close to the end of this painful race.

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