KickStarter Emails!

KickStarter Surveys!

Kickstarter surveys have been sent to 80% of those who pledged. The final remaining group received a Kickstarter message concerning the hat they are expecting. Everything is finally moving ahead! *insert kermit gif*

Please fill out your survey ASAP so we can fill the orders. We will pass out the Kickstarter unique in the order of your pledge. Distribution will begin next week. For those who pledged $10 or more your +10 pouch size will also occur next week.

For those who added additional funds to your pledge level, in order to add a shirt, hat, etc. to your order, please forward your KickStarter email to and include the details of what else you ordered. Since KickStarter only recognizes the level you pledge for, we want to make sure you get what you paid for. We will work with you through email to make sure that happens..

Remember, anyone who pledged more than $5 will receive the in game unique card. Anyone $10 or more receives the card and +10 pouch space.

Did you miss the KickStarter deadline?

Don’t worry! If you want to obtain the unique or one of the other items, stay tuned! Once we have everything passed out for the original pledges, we will set up a way for you to show your support.

Thanks again to everyone for your patience!

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