There Can Only Bee One

Hey everyone, today we want to bring up the issue of duplicate items.

Duplicate Items

Before you start blaming us for them, duplicates have been around since The Final Frontier. For example, look at UFO 283. One was mixed to make Alien 101 and the other is saved to bawlingchicken’s set.

Now that I have your attention, we really want to purge the game of these copy-cats once-and-for-all. How do we do that? With your help.

The Problem

As long as duplicates are alive, the game thinks that they are okay to generate. Remember when players were getting #0? Same concept.

I personally tried obtaining duplicates during newer item releases, but found myself running out of lower items to trade away. Once I obtained them, I would delete them from the database, but it left a null in the game. As you can imagine, this was not something we want, as it can cause your app to crash.

The Solution

I am pleased to present a new Unique item to the game: “There Can Only Bee One.”

This item will be used to replace duplicates in two ways:

  • If it was used in a mix (ie. Alien 101).
  • To help compensate you when we ask for it.

How will the numbers be distributed?

I will be working on a spreadsheet, starting tomorrow, from the oldest duplicate to the most recent. For now, the #1 will be held to the side, for a later date. If you want to beat some of the lower numbers to the chopping block, and have a duplicate within your set/pouch/stash/etc… Please Email me. I will be checking email before starting this purge, so this gives you about 15 hours to help us find the duplicates.

Obviously, there will be a few other questions about this, so please do not hesitate to ask.

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