Getting Started

Did you just download WallaBee? Confused about how to get started? Need help finishing your sets?

Look No further!

This game is all about collecting. That might mean finishing all of your sets, hoarding as many Buckets as you can, or saving your favorite number from destruction. At the end of the day, it’s up to you!

There are a few ways to get items for your collection. This section will tell you all about the basics.


Foraging is the simplest way to get items. You visit the Places tab within the app, choose a nearby “forageable” spot and tap the forage button. Each place has a range of several hundred meters, so you may need to move around in the real world to enable foraging at certain places (Still no places nearby? You can add new ones as long as they fall within WallaBee’s place guidelines).


You’ll be rewarded with either an item, Honeycombs (HC – WallaBee’s in-app currency) or nothing each time you forage. The items you can receive are determined by the type of place you’re foraging. Places are broken up into eight main categories (grouped by the color of the ring surrounding the place icon) and each item is assigned to one or more of those categories and can only be foraged at those locations.

Foraging at the same place multiple times is allowed, but beware that your odds of finding anything drop the more times you forage in a row. Locations are broken up into different colors, such as Yellow for Food, Red for Travel, and Black for Sports.


The store is always rotating with different items flying onto, and off, the shelf. There are five stores with specialized themes, which may help you find what you’re looking for. The Market is where players can sell their items, if you are willing to pay a higher HC cost to get your item NOW.


You may find that particular items are only accessible if you mix two items together. If you have items that go together, your “mix” light will appear in the top right-hand side of the app. Experimenting is key.

Saving Items

Once you have an item you want to add to your set collection, simply save it! To save any item to your set, simply select an item, tap the right-hand corner Share button, and select “Save to Set.” This is where you can display your collected items, and make sure that they stay safe.


As the in-app currency of WallaBee, Honeycombs (HC) are in high demand. You can purchase them, of course, but the game is designed to be playable without having to pay, so there are several ways to earn them:

  • Selling Items: (described above)
  • Forage: each time you forage you could receive HC.
  • Complete Sets: you’ll receive a small bonus each time you complete a set.
  • Win Contests: on occasion, staff or other players may host giveaways/competitions in the forums/social media.

Dropping/Picking Up Items

Players can drop items at any of the places in the game. The most common reason is to store items you don’t need right now, but might need later on (e.g., you don’t have both items of a mix). Beware, though, that dropped items are fair game to be picked up by any other player. The only way to protect dropped items is to lock it beforehand. To lock an item, select an item from your pouch, tap the “share” icon on the top right-hand side, and select lock. This will protect dropped items from being picked up by others.

To drop an item, tap on a “Forageable” place nearby and then the number of items at the top. Tap the “Drop an item” button and you’ll be able to choose an item from your pouch to drop. Conversely, to pick up an item, tap it in the list of items at a place. You can choose to simply pick it up or “swap” it with an item from your pouch, which trades the dropped item for yours.


Oftentimes you’ll find opportunities to trade with other players to obtain items that are beneficial to each of you. Trading items is simple; tap the Action button on the item you wish to trade, tap “Trade item,” choose the player you want to trade with and the item you wish to trade for. You can also choose to add or request HC alongside the item.

Terms like SD, DD, and TD refer to Single Digit, Double Digit, and Triple Digit.

It’s generally good etiquette to discuss trades through messages before sending a trade request out of the blue. The forums within WallaBee contain “The Trading Post” section that can help you connect with other players with whom you can trade.


So, what is Recycling? You might have seen this option when you tap on an item in your pouch and then tap on the action icon. The confirmation dialog is a bit scary, but really all it’s warning you of is that if you Recycle, that specific item won’t likely end up close to you. When you hit Recycle, the item is randomly placed somewhere in the world. Could be anywhere, but Sweden and Thailand are common end points. So, give it a shot! Try it first with a 5D (five digit numbered item) if you are nervous.

You can also find where your item went if you are curious. Visit the website I’ll be recycling Goldfish 10094. You can tap on the Sets button and scroll down to find the Pet Store Pals set, but the easiest way is to tap on the Orange magnifying glass icon and enter Goldfish. Tap on the Goldfish item, and then enter “10094” in the “Search for a Number” box, then tap the Find button. Tap the place icon to see more details, then tap the place icon again to see the map. You can pinch in to zoom out and we see that, sure enough, my item ended up in Bangkok (If you did everything right, you should have ended up here).

Have Other Questions?

WallaBee’s community is full of helpful people. You can ask general questions to our players in WallaBee Chat. To find a Staff Member or BeeKeeper (community moderator) tap Profile->Friends->Find Friends->Add WallaBee Staff or Add BeeKeepers.

For more information, check out ItemBrowser or Skip’s List.

A collaborative effort by: Chrisirmo, SkipOkane, Mizak, RCR, and others.

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