Collections & Uniques Update

Hello Collectors,

Over the past few years, we have added many new items into WallaBee, both in general Sets and Uniques. As we continue to grow the quantity of items players can collect, we need some better organization. We attempted to do this with the last app update, by splitting Player Uniques from WallaBee Uniques within the Uniques window. This was a good first attempt at reorganization, but is unfortunately still lacking what we’d like to see. With recent confusion over Player Uniques and WallaBee Uniques, we feel that a definitive split is necessary within the Uniques umbrella for peace of mind moving forward. Other items like Grab Bags, WallaBoo! Uniques, and ‘player sets’ don’t fit well under a general ‘Unique’ umbrella. The team has been discussing some various improvements for better organization and speed (both frontend and backend) and believe we have a solid plan to implement this.

The app portion of this update will take some time to implement, so there’s no worry about getting sideswiped by this better reorganization in the near future. However, we believe we can begin rolling out some of these changes on ItemBrowser within the next week or so (Artwork used on ItemBrowser are placeholders). This early adaptation will hopefully allow everyone time to get used to some new terminology that will be used within the game.


To better help explain what WallaBee is all about, all items will be categorized under this new heading, grouped accordingly by the following.


  • Notes:
    • Sets are Themed Collections of items that can be collected and completed for a reward.
    • These items are produced by WallaBee as open edition items, available for all players to collect.
    • Current examples of this are anything under the ‘Sets’ portion of the app (circular icon).
  • Future Organization (running titles):
    • Generation 1: The Early Sets
      • First 50 sets in the game: A Trip to the Circus – Bank Heist.
    • Generation 2: Beware the Jabberwocky
      • Next 50 sets: Andrew Cameron’s Alice – Behind The Scenes.
    • Generation 3: The Rise of Munzee Man
      • Next 50 sets: A Day in Singapore – WallaBee Fitness And Wellbeing.
    • Generation 4: Make a Wish in the Wishing Well
      • Next 50 sets: Freshly Squeezed – current.


  • Notes:
    • Collectibles are special items that can be collected, but cannot be completed.
    • These items are produced by either WallaBee, Players, or sponsored businesses and brands.
    • Collectibles won’t show missing item silhouettes.
    • Current examples of this are Uniques, Branded Items, Wallagraphic Items.

Future Organization:

  • Exclusives
    • Formerly known as WallaBee Uniques, these items are issued by WallaBee that may extend the theming of a set (Pie-Eyed Andy) or stand alone (Red Herring).
    • These items are available specifically through gameplay.
    • New Icon.
  • Themed Exclusives
    • Same as above, but categorized into a theme (i.e. Santa Hats, Grab Bags, Mystery Boxes, etc.).
    • Branded Items will become a Themed Exclusive set.
    • New Icon.
  • Uniques
    • Formerly a combination of all Uniques, these will only include Player Distributed items (i.e. KivaBee, A Little Gift, Rainbow Bridge, etc.).
    • New Star icon to help with Themed Uniques.
    • New Icon.
  • Themed Uniques
    • Same as above, but categorized into player-decided themes (i.e. Texas Music Legends, WallaBoo, Event Items, etc.) based on owner’s request (setup process TBD).
    • Same new Star icon as above, with an icon inside showing a theme (similar to current set icons). Each themed set will have the following icon with a banner highlighting the name of the series.
    • New Icon. Texas Music Legends.
  • Wallagraphics
    • These are rare cards found within Grab Bags. No change in organization.
    • New Icon.
  • Branded Items
    • These are sponsored item.
    • These may be absorbed by Themed Exclusives in the future.

We believe change will also allow us to better implement the ability for players to save variants in a way that makes sense. We are really looking forward to this proposed project and hope you will support this decision for better organization and growth.

*Everything listed above is subject to change. Adjustments may happen based on feedback and/or development needs. Updates will be made when available should changes occur.

Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email:

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