Unique Spotlight – HooBoo

It is alleged: 12 miles past the middle of nowhere, take a right, then a left.
You might get a glimpse of her, making pickles by the light of a full moon.

Owner: 24Karat

How To Get: Gifted freely, or in Uncanny Uniques for 24 HC.

Meaning: Whimsical Unique, depicting a love of nature, and the outdoors. We live quite a ways outside of town, and have fun playing on our land. We actually do make pickles, and put up a Zip line. Enjoy life, you only get 1.

Which number Unique is this for you? This is my first, of three

Closing Thoughts: I have enjoyed being a Beekeeper. While validating places, I use the street view so I can see the world from that player’s eyes. The friends here are the BEST!

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