Job Lot + Junk = ?!

Hello Collectors,

In the wake of the Wishing Well’s release, we’ve been considering additional gameplay options for the remaining ‘junk’ items in the game under #10,000. To make a somewhat longer story short, we’ve added the ability for Job Lot to re-roll any item over #2,000.

So what exactly happens? When an item over #2,000 is mixed with the Job Lot, it creates another new item. This item may be one over #10,000 which can be used as fuel for the Wishing Well, or it may be another item that you can reuse with another Job Lot. Think of this like mixing two WallaBee Mixers, without the possibility of it pulling an item from the pool.

So why did we do this? Well, it simply just adds another option for junk items. We didn’t want to lower the #10,000 limi of Wishing Wells, and didn’t want to introduce a new item that causes FOMO mayhem… so Job Lot it was. Who knows what’s in the box! You could find pretty much any WallaBee issued item from this, including items that will help fuel your Well.

Job Lot is an item that already exists in The Auction House set. This item can be foraged at Shopping locations and is available in the market for an instant purchase at 100hc. This item will mix with any #2,000 and above item (except Perfume, Aftershave, another Job Lot, or the Wishing Well). The feature is already live in the game, so have fun!

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