Wishing Well at the Wishing Well

Hello Collectors,

We are excited to highlight a new game mechanic coming soon to WallaBee. Although this new feature is fairly straight forward, there are some important details to highlight before we release it to the community. The following information should educate players on how everything works. Our goal is understanding.

The purpose of this new feature is to aid players in finding worth in ‘junk’ items. Items over a certain number are often viewed as invaluable by most collectors. They can be found discarded across the map, either dropped or recycled (mostly in Bangkok, for some reason…). Although they can be helpful in certain mixes and earning the Recycler line of achievements, most items over a certain number end up collecting dust. Since WallaBee strives to be a game of options, we’d like to offer yet another alternative to dropping or recycling those pesky ‘junk’ items you get while foraging – The Wish Well.

The Wishing Well

WallaVille has seen its fair share of magical, curious things over the years (many of them rumored). One such example is that once every 7 years, a mysterious wishing well appears within the garden of a lucky gardener. Whether true or not, the hope that accompanies this tales brings much beauty to the town. Gardens are kept tidy and growing in hopes of receiving a visit from the elusive wishing well. As the fable states, the well grants favorable items to those who drop enough unfavorable items inside. With such a wishing well, recycling would be a thing of the past for some… And so, the community kept hoping, waiting for a glimpse of the wishing well to bless their lives once again.

  • The Wishing Well will mix with any item over #10,000.
    • Once mixed, the Wishing Well remains in your pouch and gains a wish (credit), with the other item destroyed.
    • A Wishing Well will not mix with another Wishing Well, regardless of the number.
    • EDIT: The Wishing Well will no longer work with Uniques. However, Exclusives will still be available for use.
  • Once a Wishing Well has 50 wishes, it can be Redeemed through the context menu.
    • Redeemed Wishing Wells disappear and leave you a reward (like Grab Bags).
    • Having more than 50 wishes does not increase your reward/odds of receiving a particular reward.
    • There are various types of rewards, including a mixture of old and new items.
  • New types of items found within Wishing Wells: Miniest Mystery Boxes (x3) and Mystery Bag.
    • Miniest Mystery Box
      • Three new types: Bronze (BZ), Silver (SL), and Gold (GD).
      • Can be upgraded to Minier and Mini sizes through mixing two of the same item.
        • I.E. Miniest (GD) + Miniest (GD) = Minier (GD)
      • Opened Miniest/Minier/Mini Mystery Boxes disappear and leave you with a reward.
        • Rewards differ by type and increase as the box size increases.
    • Mystery Bag
      • Behaves like a normal Grab Bag, but only contains already released Wallagraphic items.
      • Opened Mystery Bags disappear and leave you a Wallagraphic item.



Here’s a quick image to help clarify the probability of rewards received. Both items in each tier have the same chance of being selected.

That’s it! We hope that you enjoy taking advantage of this new feature.

Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email: support@wallabeegame.com

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