Maintenance Notes – 04/26/18

Hello Collectors,

For far too long there have been issues with item releases in WallaBee. This started many years ago, and although we built a new app, it still plagues us today. As far as we can tell, the main culprit in this situation is how we handle the creation of items. Imagine this image in your head for a moment…

Adding items into WallaBee is like dropping a marble into a funnel. The funnel is wide enough to hold several marbles at once, but only one marble can fit through the narrow end of the funnel at a time. During normal hours of the day, marbles are added at a normally consistent rate, allowing them to slide through the funnel with limited resistance. However, when a new item is released, everyone is dropping their marble into the funnel at the same time, creating a blockage for certain players. As more marbles are dropped into the funnel, the room for new marbles decreases, and they flow over the sides of the funnel, never making it through.

We are currently working on an alternative system for item creation, which is a drastically different from the analogy above. The changes we’ve made are currently live, so everyone is now an honorary guinea pig! Thanks for unknowingly helping! You may see certain aspects of the app slow down during normal hours of play as we adjust this new system. Please be advised that we are doing our best to pinpoint and adjust these areas as quickly as possible.

Thank you for playing our game.

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