Unique Spotlight – The 40mph Couch Potato

The Greyhound. Built for speed, designed for sleep.

Owner: greyhoundjane

How To Get: Many were gifted as thank you gifts to those who helped me in my early days of play. Many were traded for missing TDs as the time. Now I trade for personal Uniques I am missing. This item will probably stop at 250.

Meaning: I created the unique to highlight what amazing pets Greyhounds make and help change some misconceptions. Built for speed and not for stamina, Greyhounds do not need a lot of exercise. In fact, two twenty minute walks a day will suffice. They do love to run if given the space, but a 5 minute race round the garden or dog park will totally wear them out. What do Greyhounds do best? Sleep! For 22hrs a day in fact. No I am not kidding, think giant cat. Talking of cats, yes it’s true not all Greyhounds are cat safe. But then again that can be said about any breed of dog.

Which number unique is this for you? This was my 1st Unique, based on one of my First Greyhounds, “Freckles,” who I had to say goodbye to her in 2007 after she lost her battle with cancer. She and kennel mate (out other hound at the time) were rescued from the Irish Racing industry.

Closing Thoughts: Some interesting facts for you:

  • Greyhounds are mentioned or featured in 11 of Shakespeare’s plays.
  • General George Custer was a big greyhound fancier.
  • President Abraham Lincoln had a greyhound on his family coat-of-arms.
  • Greyhounds are the fastest breed of dog, reaching top speeds of 45 miles per hour!
  • Greyhounds can see CLEARLY for a distance of a half-mile!
  • In England at one time, it was forbidden for ‘commoners’ to even own a greyhound.
  • Greyhounds come in 19 different primary colors and in over 55 different color combinations.
  • Greyhounds have a larger heart, lungs and more red blood cells than other canine breeds.
  • Rescued greyhounds are used for donating blood for other dogs! Greyhounds have a more universal blood that can be used for dogs needing blood transfusions from accidents, injuries or surgery.
  • A Greyhounds foot placement when running is different to any other dog – during the Greyhound’s complete stride, he is off the ground twice – a double suspension gallop (they run like a cheetah, not like a horse). When running, greyhounds spend 80% of their time in the air. It is as close to “flight” as a land animal can get.
  • Greyhounds require little exercise, are very quiet, and are ideal for suburban homes, unlike many other large breeds of dogs.
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