Unique Spotlight – Roaming Gnome

With a carefree, ambling stride
He travels far and wide
Seeking good where’er he goes
As kindness is all he knows

Owner: elli61

How To Get: TD Gnomes freely given out for in-game acts of kindness. To receive one you need to be nominated for one by another player. To nominate a player for a Gnome see the Roaming Gnome thread in the Wallabee Chat Forum. SD low DD Gnomes are available for trade. Please PM Elli61 or see her profile for details.

Meaning: When I started playing Wallabee I was helped by some very generous players who gave me items (and advice) when I had nothing of value to give in return. This Walla-kindness is one of my favorite parts of the game! So I knew I wanted a unique that contributed to that aspect of the game.

Which number unique is this for you? 2. My first unique, the Hamsa is owned jointly with the player Michal who is both my dear friend and my cousin!

Closing Thoughts: I have a collection of garden gnomes that started when one was given to me as a joke by a good friend (she has no idea what she started!) I also love to travel, and the combination of both led to the creation of the Roaming Gnome.

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