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October 19, 2017

Freeze Tag Merger with Munzee is Complete

The day has arrived. After months of hard work, long conversations, and a successful joint venture, Munzee Inc has been merged into Freeze Tag Inc. This is a great thing for WallaBee players worldwide as we move forward as one company, stronger together.

There will be no changes to the game, other than great things in store for the future with additional resources and personnel. I, Robbie, maintain my role as overseer in every regard with WallaBee. Nothing changes on that front.

Our apps now include Munzee, WallaBee, Eventzee, Garfield Go, and the rest of the FT suite of apps.

We really look forward to a bright future with some great ideas on the horizon. As usual, we have to be vague with certain details moving forward, especially now that we are part of a public company.

Please know we not only appreciate all of our player communities, but we all know this is only possible because of you playing our games and growing them with us. We look forward to visiting with many of you at upcoming events and continuing to grow our games together.

Thank you for your continued support.

Robbie McGuire
Director of Operations – WallaBee

Announcement Press Release:

Freeze Tag (OTC: FRZT), temporarily trading as (OTC: FRZTD), a leading creator of mobile social games, today announced the company has successfully completed a merger with Munzee Inc., effective October 18, 2017.

“We are thrilled to combine forces with Munzee Inc.,” said Craig Holland, CEO of Freeze Tag. “Rob Vardeman and the Munzee team have built a world class location-based gaming franchise with a dedicated player community.”

The combined company, Freeze Tag, Inc., will maintain offices in McKinney, Texas and Tustin, California with the management team comprised of Craig Holland as CEO, Rob Vardeman as President, Mick Donahoo as CFO, and Cecie Newman as VP of Operations.

“Six years of building communities in our family of apps, with a hard-working team, has brought us to this next chapter,” said Rob Vardeman, former President of Munzee Inc., and now President of Freeze Tag. “We look forward to the leadership and experience the Freeze Tag team brings as we all become stronger together.”

Freeze Tag will continue to align its vision with two fast-growing trends in the mobile applications world: AR location-based gaming and location-based advertising. The combined company has proprietary technology with the ability to create a portfolio of augmented reality location-based games for brands and iconic characters, such as the augmented reality treasure hunting game Garfield GO, which is currently live in several countries around the world.

According to advisory firm Digi-Capital, mobile AR (augmented reality) is set to become the primary driver of a $108 billion VR/AR market by 2021, with AR taking the lion’s share of $83 billion, with VR being the remaining $25 billion (source: Digi-Capital article.)

With Munzee’s dedicated player community and large installed base of locations and the combined technology of both companies, there are tremendous opportunities to offer engaging entertainment-centric, location-based advertising solutions. Location-targeted mobile advertising is advertising based on a user’s location or includes proximity-relevant content to trigger local offline conversions. According to BIA/Kelsey, a media research firm, location-targeted mobile ad sales are expected to rise from $12.4 billion in 2016 to $32.4 billion by the end of 2021. (Source:)

Freeze Tag management indicated that news related to current and future products will be forthcoming.

About Freeze Tag, Inc.

Freeze Tag, Inc. is a leading creator of mobile location-based games for consumers and businesses. Our games include hits such as Munzee, a social platform with over 5 million locations worldwide and hundreds of thousands of players that blends gamification and geolocation into an experience that rewards players for going places in the physical world, Garfield Go, a Pokemon Go style augmented reality game based on the iconic cat Garfield, WallaBee, an addictive collecting game with over 2,000 beautifully drawn digital cards, as well as many social mobile games that provide endless hours of family-friendly fun. We also offer our gaming technology and services to businesses that want to leverage mobile gaming in their marketing and branding programs. For example, our Eventzee solution allows businesses to create private scavenger hunts in physical places such as malls, tradeshows, company events or campuses to create immersive brand experiences.

Forward Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve substantial uncertainties and risks. These forward-looking statements are based upon our current expectations, estimates and projections and reflect our beliefs and assumptions based upon information available to us at the date of this release. We caution readers that forward-looking statements are predictions based on our current expectations about future events. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and are subject to risks, uncertainties and assumptions that are difficult to predict. Our actual results, performance or achievements could differ materially from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements as a result of a number of factors, including but not limited to, our ability to market our games, and our ability to implement new changes and release them. We undertake no obligation to revise or update any forward-looking statement for any reason.

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October 17, 2017

Budget Wonders

Budget Wonders

Hello Collectors!

There have been many ideas floating around as to what the ‘Pineapple Set’ really means, including some references to TV shows, previous Hawaiian items, and even whether or not the set is allowed on pizza. The reason for the pineapple will be discovered along the way, as we begin a fun trip to visit the lesser-known monuments of the world!


Benson, our favorite WallaBee, has found an old guide book at a local secondhand retailer. He decides to take this book, and his faithful Selfie Stick, and set off on a worldwide adventure. While Benson knows which ‘Budget Wonders’ are the most appealing to him, he needs assistance getting to those locations… He’s not made of honeycombs, you know. The best part about this adventure is that you play a crucial role. By working together with other players, you control how quickly Benson finishes his adventure and returns home.

Gameplay Specifics

  • Benson will begin at WallaBee HQ
  • Trade Benson with players around the world to help him get to these Budget Wonders
  • When Benson reaches the last location he took a selfie at, his next destination will become available within 48 hours 72 hours.
  • Benson cannot by locked, sold, or saved to set.
  • Benson needs to always be on the move. If Benson gets stuck in someone’s Pouch for a week, he will be returned to the last selfie location he was at.
  • Benson would love to meet as many people as possible, so don’t be afraid to help him travel from friend to friend… He just requests players don’t get him too sidetracked, as there’s many places to see!

Due to the nature of how this set releases items, the set could be very quick, or take a very long time. GPS spoofing will be taken very seriously, so don’t do it. Benson is a one-off Unique that will hold the memory of his travels.

EDITS: The timeframe has been updated from 24 hours to 72 hours, due to Benson’s many travels in between official stops.

Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email:

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October 16, 2017

WallaBee 2.2.0 Notes

WallaBee 2.2.0

Hello Collectors!

We are pleased to announce that the next pivotal update for WallaBee has now been released for iOS and Android!

WallaBee 2.2.0 brings a much anticipated feature to the game (which some users have already figured out through ItemBee). This new feature will help our worldwide players travel easier, set up trades faster, and pick up all their locked items from far away locations… that’s right, we’re releasing the Lock Box! Other bug fixes have been made with this update, including the pesky popup freeze (which we’re almost certain we have figured out this time), some double-tap issues, and faster responses in various areas of the app.

Lock Box

The following bit of information contains spoilers about how the Lock Box works. For those who want to figure this new feature on their own, you may want to skip down a bit to the Web Messaging section of this blog post.

We are very excited to finally release this Lock Box feature to the community. Our Staff and BeeKeepers have been testing this ever since the teaser blog post last week, with its themed phrasing, and believe it’s ready to be shared. To help you get comfortable with this new addition, we have compiled some basic details to help you get started.

  1. The Lock Box can be found on your Profile tab, underneath Inbox and Forums.
    1. The previous list of locked items is no longer available through the Pouch tab.
  2. The Lock Box is a combination of all your locked items: those at places, in your Pouch, or in the Lock Box.
  3. You can move items directly to your Lock Box from either your pouch (via tapping a locked item) or from a Place (utilizing the WallaDrone moving service).
  4. Players can move items in and out of their Lock Box at no charge. The lock remains on the item at all times, until broken in their pouch (as per normal).
  5. Players can still pick up and drop locked items at Places, just like before.
  6. Players can choose to have the WallaDrone moving service return locked items from a Place to their Lock Box, by paying a fee of 250 hc per item.
    1. This feature is not necessary, but is a convenient option if an item you need is too far away.
  7. Three new activity types are being released: WallaDrone moving service, stashing in Lock Box, and removing from Lock Box.
  8. Players can only see their own Lock Box in-app, but still be seen through their Lock List via ItemBee and ItemBrowser.
  9. ItemBee and ItemBrowser are already Lock Box ready, so if the item you’re looking for is in someone’s Lock Box (like Rainbow Santa Hat #1), it will display correctly.
  10. Lock Box is organized by set, similar to the Market layout.
  11. Uniques are organized by Type (WallaBee Uniques at top, Player Uniques at bottom) and then by Release Date.
  12. Before moving an item from a Place to Lock Box via WallaDrone, players can use the magnifying glass to view which location the item is at. This can help players determine whether they should use the service or not.


  • Locks will be on sale until the end of the week. Sale closes Monday, October 22nd at 9:30am CDT (2:30pm UTC).
  • #12 above

Web Messaging

After our last website update (web forums), many members of the community requested the ability to message players through the website. This feature would help them set up trades, without having to move back and forth so much from their keyboard to their phone… saving them valuable ‘store watching’ time. Well, we listened to your requests, and have added messaging to! You can access this feature by clicking on anyone’s profile, or by heading to your Profile on the website. This will make navigating from the forums to send someone a PM much faster.

Please note that this feature was not created to compete with other services you may be using, such as Messenger, Slack, GroupMe, etc. Messaging through the web is the same as in the app, so links to websites will still not work (thanks, React).


Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email:
If the App Store doesn’t show an update for you, please use the links above. If messaging is not showing correctly through your profile or another player’s profile, browsing cache may need to be cleared.

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October 13, 2017

Achievements – Wave 2

Achievements – Wave 2

Hello Collectors! It’s been almost a month since we rereleased Achievements back into WallaBee. We know you’ve all been hard at work recycling items, visiting education places, and foraging as fast as you can. To give you a little more to do over the weekend (while we prepare more slices of pineapple for you), we’re adding 18 more achievements into the game. We hope that you enjoy completing these just as much as we enjoyed creating them. Although all of these achievements are special, there’s one line of achievements I want to highlight.

Top 100

We have added a ‘small’ incentive to being active in WallaBee when a set is nearing completion. There is now a reward for completing a set in the top 100 fastest players. We felt that having your name on a list wasn’t enough to highlight your achievement of making it to the top 100, so now you can show off your love for collecting with this fancy new achievement line. The top 100 achievements will be retroactive for all sets. You’re welcome, Legacy players! Thanks for helping us make this game great.


These achievements will role out later today. No app update is needed to see the new achievements. Stay tuned in to future blog posts as we release more information about development. Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email:

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October 10, 2017

New Activity Testing

New Activity Testing

Hello Collectors! We have some exciting news to share with everyone, which we are currently locking away for later. Today, we want to address some new activity types that will begin popping up over the next few days from certain accounts. Before this new mechanic is unlocked for all, a select group of Staff and BeeKeepers will be helping us test. We look forward to sharing more information about this feature with you all, as we’re sure you’re all buzzing to know.

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October 5, 2017

Christmas Crackers Have Returned!

Christmas Crackers!!!

The moment you’ve been waiting for… Christmas has come two months early. That’s right, you can now open Christmas Crackers once again with friends. Who will receive the Party Hat? We don’t know… there’s only one way to find out!

Simply trade a Christmas Cracker with a friend. The cracker will be consumed by the trade and leave one of the two players with a shiny new Party Hat. Be careful with low numbers, as sending a Christmas Cracker at all will destroy it forever!


Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email:

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October 3, 2017

Online Store – New Products and Sale (NOW ENDED)

What’s better than a boring old honeycomb? A shiny new honeycomb! That’s right, we have some new products hitting the shelves of our online store, which we think you will be interested in. These two products will be available online beginning October 4th at 3pm CDT (8PM UTC). Both of these new products are limited edition, so get them while you can!

WallaBee Passport

Players attending MHQ Bash during the weekend of September 22nd – 24th had the chance to purchase one of these limited edition WallaBee Passports. At each event during the weekend, we handed out a new sticker that coincided with that event’s theme. These included a WallaBee dealing cards for Friday’s casino-themed night, a WallaBee dressed as Elvis for the Eventzee Las Vegas hunt, and even a Sasquatch in jogging gear for Sunday’s 3k race. All in all, our players had a great time hunting down Robbie and Andy for their stickers, spending time with fellow players, making new friends, and enjoying the activities.

These WallaBee Passports will be available for purchase through the online store for $10. WallaBee Passports are just one way to interact with the game and community. Each passport comes with your very first sticker, straight from WHQ. Additional stickers will become available through future monthly package options, as well as participating events. This is your chance to take part in WallaBee’s history with this fun commemorative commodity.

WallaBee Coinz

You’ve probably foraged many honeycombs (especially since the release of V2 Achievements), but you’ve never seen a honeycomb like this before. These limited edition WallaBee Coinz were first made available to the public at this year’s MHQ Bash, but are now available for everyone! Each coin contains a trackable code, which can be used in our parent company’s app Munzee to track captures. These WallaBee Coinz will be available for purchase through the online store for $10.

Online Sale

Additionally, we are hosting a 25% off sale on Honeycombs, Locks, Mixer Packs, and Pouch Upgrades. The sale is currently activenow and will run through Monday, October 9th at 9:30am CDT (2:30pm UTC) now over. There’s also a special Mixerpool refill happening today, with a few very rare items to receive. We wish you the best of luck and happy mixing!

Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email:

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