Achievements – Wave 2

Achievements – Wave 2

Hello Collectors! It’s been almost a month since we rereleased Achievements back into WallaBee. We know you’ve all been hard at work recycling items, visiting education places, and foraging as fast as you can. To give you a little more to do over the weekend (while we prepare more slices of pineapple for you), we’re adding 18 more achievements into the game. We hope that you enjoy completing these just as much as we enjoyed creating them. Although all of these achievements are special, there’s one line of achievements I want to highlight.

Top 100

We have added a ‘small’ incentive to being active in WallaBee when a set is nearing completion. There is now a reward for completing a set in the top 100 fastest players. We felt that having your name on a list wasn’t enough to highlight your achievement of making it to the top 100, so now you can show off your love for collecting with this fancy new achievement line. The top 100 achievements will be retroactive for all sets. You’re welcome, Legacy players! Thanks for helping us make this game great.


These achievements will role out later today. No app update is needed to see the new achievements. Stay tuned in to future blog posts as we release more information about development. Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email:

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