WallaBee 2.2.0 Notes

WallaBee 2.2.0

Hello Collectors!

We are pleased to announce that the next pivotal update for WallaBee has now been released for iOS and Android!

WallaBee 2.2.0 brings a much anticipated feature to the game (which some users have already figured out through ItemBee). This new feature will help our worldwide players travel easier, set up trades faster, and pick up all their locked items from far away locations… that’s right, we’re releasing the Lock Box! Other bug fixes have been made with this update, including the pesky popup freeze (which we’re almost certain we have figured out this time), some double-tap issues, and faster responses in various areas of the app.

Lock Box

The following bit of information contains spoilers about how the Lock Box works. For those who want to figure this new feature on their own, you may want to skip down a bit to the Web Messaging section of this blog post.

We are very excited to finally release this Lock Box feature to the community. Our Staff and BeeKeepers have been testing this ever since the teaser blog post last week, with its themed phrasing, and believe it’s ready to be shared. To help you get comfortable with this new addition, we have compiled some basic details to help you get started.

  1. The Lock Box can be found on your Profile tab, underneath Inbox and Forums.
    1. The previous list of locked items is no longer available through the Pouch tab.
  2. The Lock Box is a combination of all your locked items: those at places, in your Pouch, or in the Lock Box.
  3. You can move items directly to your Lock Box from either your pouch (via tapping a locked item) or from a Place (utilizing the WallaDrone moving service).
  4. Players can move items in and out of their Lock Box at no charge. The lock remains on the item at all times, until broken in their pouch (as per normal).
  5. Players can still pick up and drop locked items at Places, just like before.
  6. Players can choose to have the WallaDrone moving service return locked items from a Place to their Lock Box, by paying a fee of 250 hc per item.
    1. This feature is not necessary, but is a convenient option if an item you need is too far away.
  7. Three new activity types are being released: WallaDrone moving service, stashing in Lock Box, and removing from Lock Box.
  8. Players can only see their own Lock Box in-app, but still be seen through their Lock List via ItemBee and ItemBrowser.
  9. ItemBee and ItemBrowser are already Lock Box ready, so if the item you’re looking for is in someone’s Lock Box (like Rainbow Santa Hat #1), it will display correctly.
  10. Lock Box is organized by set, similar to the Market layout.
  11. Uniques are organized by Type (WallaBee Uniques at top, Player Uniques at bottom) and then by Release Date.
  12. Before moving an item from a Place to Lock Box via WallaDrone, players can use the magnifying glass to view which location the item is at. This can help players determine whether they should use the service or not.


  • Locks will be on sale until the end of the week. Sale closes Monday, October 22nd at 9:30am CDT (2:30pm UTC).
  • #12 above

Web Messaging

After our last website update (web forums), many members of the community requested the ability to message players through the website. This feature would help them set up trades, without having to move back and forth so much from their keyboard to their phone… saving them valuable ‘store watching’ time. Well, we listened to your requests, and have added messaging to WallaBeeGame.com! You can access this feature by clicking on anyone’s profile, or by heading to your Profile on the website. This will make navigating from the forums to send someone a PM much faster.

Please note that this feature was not created to compete with other services you may be using, such as Messenger, Slack, GroupMe, etc. Messaging through the web is the same as in the app, so links to websites will still not work (thanks, React).


Any additional questions, comments, concerns? Email: support@wallabeegame.com
If the App Store doesn’t show an update for you, please use the links above. If messaging is not showing correctly through your profile or another player’s profile, browsing cache may need to be cleared.

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