WallaBee Passports & Coinz

WallaBee Passports

Hello everyone! We wanted to give all of our players an update about what’s happening this weekend at MHQ Bash. We are paying homage to one of the main influences in WallaBee’s creation: GoWalla.

We are going to be selling physical WallaBee Passports at MHQ Bash for all attendees. These passports will allow players to interact with the weekend festivities in an additional way: stickers. We have created stickers for every event this weekend, including meeting Andy. These will be limited edition stickers, with the idea of creating more in the future to help fill your passports. The passport also has blank pages toward the back for getting autographs from your favorite WallaBee Players and Staff.

These passports will also be available after MHQ Bash on our webstore while supplies last.


Additionally, we have added a new physical coin to Munzee’s arsenal, which is in the shape of a WallaBee honeycomb. This is trackable in Munzee and a great addition to any WallaBee Player’s collection. These coinz will be for sale at MHQ Bash this weekend and will be available through the online store later next week.

For more information about GoWalla, you can read up on their history by looking at their wiki (or ask many legacy WallaBee players).

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