WallaBee 2.1.3 Notes

WallaBee 2.1.3

We are back with a new update in the App Store and Google Play Store: Update 2.1.3.

This version update contains some general housekeeping and a cool new feature for our newer players: Tutorials.


In the Settings Page, you can now find a new selection called “Tutorials” (go figure). These tutorials were designed to highlight beginning gameplay features of WallaBee, so our newer users don’t feel left in the dark. We currently have tutorials broken into three main categories: Pouch screen, Places screen, and Stores screen. Each category has tutorials that cover basic gameplay for each section of the app. We hope that this addition will help our ‘NewBees’ find their way a little easier.

Other tutorial content will be added at a later date, including those under the Profile tab.

Players will also notice that the pesky Introduction can now be exited without having to spam-click the NEXT button.


Questions, comments, concerns? Email: support@wallabeegame.com

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