Website Updates – 06/28/2017

Website Updates

Hello everyone!

Who likes updates? We do! In fact, Judy has updated the website to the newer version of React (15.5.4), which has allowed her to create a better user experience. With Mizak’s help porting over all of the behind-the-scenes tools, you will find that things run much smoother on the site. If you run into formatting issues with your browser, using a hard refresh will fix it (CMD+Shift+R or CTRL+Shift+R).


Layout Overhaul

You will find a brand new layout on most pages (which is a tad bit more mobile friendly), with an easy navigating menu on the top right. No more following certain rabbit holes to get where you need to go.

Side Menu


Personal Profiles

Profiles have gotten a nice overhaul, allowing logged in players the ability to see items in their pouch and their set (or lack there of).

Pouch Items


Set Items

We didn’t stop at viewing your own profile, though. Judy has updated how you can view another player’s profile, which displays information is a format that’s easier to read. To get to a user’s page, simply select ItemBee from the navigation menu and select the Profile Search tab.

Public Profile


Sets Page

Along with the layout, there are some added bits of information on the Sets Page. Players can now quickly see the total number of set completions, who it was designed by, and when the set was created.

Set Page


Judy and Mizak have both been working hard to bring the best web-based experience to our players, so what are you waiting for? Go check out the new site additions!


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