WallaBee 2.0.8 Notes

Greetings WallaBee Players!

Yesterday marked the last day of May, meaning that Version 2 of WallaBee has officially been out for a full month. Including the release of Version 2, there have been eight new pushes to the App Store within the last thirty-one days. On average, this means we’re pushing out updates once every 4 days. We hope that our hard work is showing through each and every update the app receives. We appreciate the positive support the community has shown, regardless of the hangups that we run into. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our newest update: 2.0.8.

Update 2.0.8 should be available in the App and Play Stores right away, with the majority of updates being bug fixes. Here’s a list of fixes that 2.0.7 and 2.0.8 bring:

  • Context Menu Fix – Items sometimes showed the wrong context menu when changing their state (i.e. Unlocking items didn’t show a context menu every time).
  • Market Set Icons Fix – Older items in the market showed the wrong set icon.
  • Activity Bug Fix – When players completed a set, it would remove all recent activity from view on their profile.
  • Repopulating Store When App Goes Background To Foreground – Stores only gather information when the app is open, so sending WallaBee to the background would cause the app to display missing items in the store when reopened. This has now been fixed.
  • Update Store Timer Logic – When we implemented the above fix in 2.0.7, the timer bars had a bad logic which caused them to appear empty until the next item came into the store. This has been reworked to give a better visual experience.
  • Trade Image Fix – Receiving a Trade Request notification would show empty space where the items should have displayed. This has been fixed.
  • Can’t Send Requests To Inactive Users – Previously, players were able to send trades/friend requests to inactive players. We have now updated inactive player accounts to not display a context menu. This should also help players quickly determine whether a player is inactive or not.
  • Location Accuracy Adjustments – We have received numerous reports of places showing incorrectly in the list view. This is due to the inconsistency between your position when information is fetched from the server and what your phone displays. We have taken steps to reduce this inaccuracy across the board, as well as update the entire places database to ensure their lat/lng positions are being displayed correctly.

In other news, we are aware that some of our players are experiencing health issues with the popping animation items have in the store. We apologize for the unforeseen issues that this animation has caused and are working on implementing a setting which will allow players to choose whether or not store item animation is on or off. Additionally, we feel confident that the app is in a stable enough position to begin reintroducing items on a consistent basis. We are almost to a pivotal moment in Another Night In The Forest… we hope you’re ready for it.


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