2020 Black Friday

Hello Collectors,

That time of year has come! In the States, this is when we usually gather up the whole family, pig-out on delicious food, and say what we’re thankful for… followed immediately by buying more stuff. This year, we are highlighting the crazy antics of this time of year with a new (24ish hour) set, some online sales, and new functionality with some miniature boxes you may have laying around.

Online Sale

We can all agree that 2020 has been pretty not good, but there’s good news! It’s almost over! Enjoy a 20% discount on virtual items from the online store through December 3rd, 11:00 CST / 17:00 UTC.

Royal Jelly Store

Some temporary bundles will be available in the Royal Jelly store.

  • Mixer Sale Bundle| Limit 4 | 400 200 RJ
    • 20 Mixers
  • OMG Mixer Bundle | Limit 1 | 400 100 RJ
    • 20 Mixers
  • Black Friday Bundle | Limit 1 | 400 RJ
    • 2 Mystery Boxes (Black Friday variant)
    • 2 Striped Chests (16hr)
    • 2 Chest Keys

Unique Discounts

Starting now, all commissions will be discounted by 20% if submitted and paid for by the end of 2020. All work on these discounted commissions will begin in January 2021. If you currently have a Unique Commission in the queue that you would like to receive this discount on, you can email support and request that change. If you would like a Unique finished before the end of the year, it will be the full price. All Unique Commissions are handled by invoice, where your discount will be applied.

Learn more about commissioning Uniques.


New Set: Surviving Black Friday is a parody on the typical shopping experience at big-box retailers. This set will begin on Thursday and end on Friday. Be sure to stock up on honeycombs for this set!

Mini/er/est Mystery Boxes: Blue has been available for some time, but has not had any functionality. We wanted this item to have something unique, but didn’t know what… until now. Blue Mystery Boxes will NOW have access to a special new Uniquepool of items, supplied by the community. Black will release at some point on Cyber Monday, allowing for direct access to the Mixerpool. If either the Mixerpool or Uniquepool is empty, a message will appear indicating so, leaving the box in your pouch.

  • Miniest: Any numbered item.
  • Minier: Sub 10k numbered item.
  • Mini: Sub 1k numbered item.

Uniquepool: This new aspect of the game will contain any items placed there by Unique owners. To add an item to the Uniquepool, owners can gift a new item directly to the Uniquepool by gifting it to “Uniquepool” without quotes. To add a Unique that has already been created, simply mix it with a WallaBee Mixer and it will be added, leaving your WallaBee Mixer in your pouch.

Itembrowser has added a new tool so you can browse which items are available in the Uniquepool.

Mixerpool: Previously allowing anything to come out of it, including Player-owned Uniques, the Mixerpool will only contain game-issued items from collections and exclusive items, including those from limbo.

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