Gameplay Balancing

Hello Collectors,

Back when Covid-19 began, we made some adjustments to the game to help encourage the ability to play more from the safety of your home. As restrictions fluctuate between countries and smaller forms of government, we are planning on adjusting the following aspects of WallaBee back to normal. With these changes, we’re also going to make some additional updates to gameplay that we wanted to make you aware of. These changes will occur on October 8th, 17:00 UTC.

  • The doubled radius for interacting with places will return to normal.
  • Increased honeycombs found foraging when fewer places are nearby.
  • Club locations will be removed until the next competition.
  • Hive Chest contents will be changed to have a wider range of rewards.
  • Opening Hive Chests will be limited to one (1) at a time.
  • Different items will be available through foraging.
  • Midas Touch => Golden Mixer recipe will return for a limited time.

We hope to add additional changes that didn’t quite make this list before the next update comes. Standby as we continue to make sure balancing adjustments.

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