Birthday Cakes Announcement

Hello Collectors!

On August 1st, we bid farewell to Hksfarm (Daniel Hammock), as his life is pulling him in a different direction. We wish him the best with his ventures and send him off with our love. With that change happening just over 2 weeks ago, we have been figuring out your main concern surrounding Daniel leaving: Birthday Cakes. What’s going to happen with them? Who will take over distribution? Will it just stop? The answer to all of these questions will be answered below.

Daniel has graciously handed over control of the cakes to our staff as a whole, so we will be moving forward with the distribution process. Our team has been thinking long and hard about how the birthday cakes will be handled moving forward. Over the past few days, we have been testing a new automatic process for gifting out cakes, and now have it ready for use!

One thing to note about the birthday cakes is that it’s completely optional for players – we don’t collect birthdays in order to play. This creates a somewhat difficult challenge for us to navigate, but we think we have a good plan in place to deal with this. We will continue to use the birthday cake form to collect new birthdays but won’t need it for those who have previously filled it out.

Birthday Cakes will be distributed automatically in the following order: (Cherry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Key Lime, Red Velvet, Ice Cream, Freeze Tag, Unicorn). If you have received any of these out of order, your next cake will be backfilled with any missing cakes.* Gifted cakes are distributed based on previous cakes gifted to you, which allows us to verify that you earned the cake and did not receive it through a trade.**

With these changes, Birthday Cakes from deleted/timed-out accounts will be added to the Mixerpool on occasion, giving players the ability to lower their numbers without interfering with the gifting order of cakes.

That’s all the information we have on this at the moment! We have consolidated the main bullet points below for ease of reference.

  • Birthday Cakes will be automatically given based on optional signup through the birthday cake form.
  • Birthday Cakes have a new solidified order for distribution.
    • Cherry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Key Lime, Red Velvet, Ice Cream, Freeze Tag, Unicorn
  • Birthday Cakes from deleted/timed-out users will be added to the Mixerpool on occasion.

*I.E. If your first cake was Chocolate, your next two cakes will be Cherry and Vanilla in that order.
**I.E. If someone gave you their collection of cakes, that would not impact which cake you get next, possibly resulting in you have a duplicate from the previous trade.

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