Unique Spotlight – Anastasia

Inn keeper at The Tavern of the Damned, Ana is “mother” to many lost and lonely souls.
Deeply protective towards all under her roof she took Indigo in, nurtured her in the old ways and Sired her into her own family.

Owner: indigo

How To Get: This hasn’t got past 200 yet, so this is tradable for none 1985 number upgrades.

Meaning: I wanted to expand my Tavern of the Damned Series and continue to tell the story.

Which number Unique is this for you? This is my fourth Unique.

Closing Thoughts: Part of the Tavern of the Damned series. Ana was the Tavern keeper who invited Indigo in and let her have sanctuary. She taught her what it is to be a vampire and taught her to trust again. Indigo also imparted some of her powers to Ana, enabling her to have angel wings. She became her mother in a way.

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